You can help your customers create high-performing, innovative organizations by focusing on Modern Data Infrastructure (MDI) in partnership with Dell Technologies. With a foundational, resilient data infrastructure capable of adapting to evolving business requirements, your customers will have the platform they need to maximize the value of data, accelerate innovation everywhere and achieve better business outcomes.

Empowering your customers with MDI is good for your business, too. You can open new revenue streams and increase your market share by offering solutions and services powered by industry-leading technology, including the Dell APEX portfolio of infrastructure, all delivered as-a-Service.

When designing and deploying Modern Data Infrastructure, remember to focus on 3 key factors:

1. Smart

Your customers need to accelerate innovation with smart and efficient systems. They can start by deploying AI-powered automation and energy-efficient products and leveraging resilient infrastructure to transform IT from a cost center into an engine of innovation.

2. Flexible

Your customers must be able to power workloads across the edge, the core and public cloud using software-driven innovation. A successful MDI enables choices and flexibility to meet your customers’ data needs regardless of the use case or environment. 

3. Resilient

Now more than ever, your customers must be able to rely on comprehensive data protection across an ever-expanding IT landscape. Deploying resilient data services helps your customers safeguard and rapidly recover assets across their entire data environments, from physical data centers to public and private clouds.

Modern Data Infrastructure by Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies can help you empower your customers with the platform they need to succeed. That includes Modern Data Infrastructure featuring vital components like: 

-     Built-in automation that reduces routine admin tasks and enables IT and ML Ops to focus on strategic data initiatives

-     Deep visibility into data sources leading to more effective management across the edge, core and cloud

-     Support for multiple data types and data sets for data science platforms, OLTP, data warehousing, and data lake house analytics projects

-     Ironclad security, backup and recovery

Give your customers a competitive advantage by helping them deploy a unique, customized MDI solution built on trusted Dell APEX multi-cloud, PowerEdge scalable servers, software-defined storage, networking and modernized services for small, medium and large organizations.

To learn more, take advantage of the Modern Data Infrastructure resources available through the Dell Partner Program.

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