Dell Technologies has launched its latest generation of all-flash nodes, featuring the PowerScale F210 and F710. PowerScale OneFS, Dell’s AI-ready data platform, is designed to easily store, manage, and protect your customer’s data. 
Deploying PowerScale OneFS empowers your customers to accelerate their AI workloads wherever their unstructured data lives—on-premises, at the edge, and in any cloud.
The newest iteration of the multicloud-enabled PowerScale offers superior value for organizations in an array of verticals, including M&E, healthcare, financial services, education and transportation. Each of these verticals places a premium on all-flash storage optimized for high performance, flexible scaling, security and efficiency. 
That presents an opportunity to improve your business, too. As the world’s unstructured data grows at breakneck speed, more of your customers will need to upgrade their storage infrastructure. That’s especially true for those customers invested in generative AI and analytics. Both areas demand the best performance and create enormous amounts of data. 
Cutting-edge tech designed for AI
As part of Dell's end-to-end validated solution for AI, PowerScale helps your customers accelerate all phases of the AI pipeline. Combining the latest generation platform with continuous optimization of the OneFS software with 9.7 over the span of the last year alone means PowerScale has been able to deliver unmatched performance gains. For instance, up to 2.2x faster streaming writes enhance checkpointing during the model training and inferencing phase. And up to 2x faster streaming reads help feed GPUs for model training and fine-tuning.
Customers concerned with efficiency will be glad to know the latest generation of PowerScale storage offers up to 90% higher performance-per-watt for dramatically increased power efficiency. 
The future of storage is now
Your customers need a storage solution to keep pace with their AI workloads and application development. Dell’s AI-ready data platform is designed to drive AI innovations faster. Help your customers deploy the future of all-flash scalable storage now and capitalize on the opportunity to grow your business as you help them grow theirs. 
Visit Dell Technologies | PowerScale today to learn more about how the new PowerScale F210 and F710 can improve your customer’s AI-powered future.

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