Dell VxRail has once again received a CRN Tech Award. This is the third time CRN has recognized the remarkable innovation and industry-leading technology behind VxRail. 
This year’s standout is the VxRail VD-4000, a solution that extends the robustness and utility of the VxRail family into previously inaccessible areas, expanding the scope of efficient, reliable hyperconverged solutions for businesses. The VD-4000 is commonly deployed for retail and service industry edge workloads, remote operations in harsh environments, and to support telecom and network infrastructure. It’s all part of Dell’s mission to help organizations simplify the edge.
A small but mighty VxRail
The new VD-4000 is the smallest VxRail available—it’s about the size of a shoebox. But when it comes to HCI, size doesn’t matter as much as versatility and durability. 
The VD-4000 is designed to withstand exceptionally harsh environments. It’s able to operate in temperatures ranging from 27 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit ( -5 to 55 degrees Celsius), which makes it the ideal platform to deploy in unpredictable edge environments. 
The embedded vSAN witness in the VD-4000 enables your customers to deploy a self-contained 2-node vSAN cluster in a single-footprint chassis. This eliminates the need for a data center or cloud-based witness.
VxRail means business
A recently published whitepaper called Business Value of Dell VxRail HCI makes a strong business case for the VxRail portfolio as a solution to help organizations deploy hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). The IDC report indicates that the Dell Technologies customers they interviewed will achieve benefits worth an annual average of $54,000 per VxRail node. 
In fact, the report presents a compelling list of business value highlights, including:
-     463% five-year return on investment (ROI)
-     61% lower five-year cost of operations
-     18% more cost-effective IT infrastructure
-     54% faster to deploy new storage
-     94% less end-user value lost from unplanned downtime
-     61% more productive impacted IT teams
Are your customers ready to take advantage of Dell VxRail Hyperconverged Infrastructure? To get started, visit the Dell Partner Portal today to learn how you can grow your business by empowering your customers to simplify the edge.

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