A slate of new PowerStore storage solution upgrades from Dell Technologies presents an important opportunity for partners. Now, it’s even easier to generate a steady revenue stream with value-added services that help your customers achieve their digital transformations and dramatically improve operational efficiency.
PowerStore’s latest no-cost, non-disruptive release unlocks enhanced cyber resiliency designed to secure and protect your customers’ data everywhere. PowerStore’s native Metro Witness provides active/active zero RTO/RPO operations, eliminating the risk of data loss due to site outages or disasters.
Metro Witness is like having a mirror of your customer’s production data. Both PowerStore arrays remain in constant communication with the witness service, which acts as an external arbitrator for the metro environment. In the event of a failure, the remaining operational PowerStore array contacts the witness to get help deciding where to resume I/O and maintain storage availability. The additional layer of intelligence eliminates the risk of a “split brain” when recovering from site failures with zero RTO/RPO. 
Breakthrough efficiency
The latest PowerStore upgrade also delivers increased energy efficiency. That’s excellent news for customers who want to meet their sustainability goals while reducing operational and energy costs. 
With this update, PowerStore has become the industry’s first array to support NVMe/TCP for vVols, a transformative leap in storage efficiency that combines the performance of NVMe with the streamlined provisioning and management of vVols. It’s worth noting that these new features are designed to integrate seamlessly with your customer’s existing NVMe/TCP-supported Ethernet switches. 
The upgraded solution will give your customers a much-needed power boost. PowerStore’s NVMe/TCP for vVols component delivers up to 50% more performance than standard iSCSI. vVols also enables your customers to manage storage resources at the virtual machine level more efficiently.
Data-in-Place upgrades prevent disruption
Are your customers worried about data migrations and downtime? Then, they’ll be relieved to know the latest PowerStore release enables them to upgrade controllers without disrupting critical operations.
Eliminating the need for complex planning and data transfers will save valuable time for your customers’ IT teams. They’ll be able to increase performance for their ever-increasing workloads without having to rebuy capacity. 
Visit the Dell Technologies Partner Portal today to learn how you can help your customers leverage the latest data-in-place PowerStore upgrades for tighter cyber security and increased efficiency.

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