Helping your customers create a Modern Data Infrastructure (MDI) empowers them to simplify complexity, supercharge productivity and accelerate innovation across a distributed data landscape. It’s a powerful way to modernize your customers’ organizations from the ground up, creating a knock-on effect that elevates every team member.

Developing a modernized data foundation for your customers is also a great way to grow your business. In addition to helping establish you as a trusted advisor, it also generates revenue through the sale of Dell Technologies’ broad portfolio of enterprise-grade storage, servers, networking, HCI, data protection solutions and services. 

Why Modern Data Infrastructure? 3 great reasons

Modernizing data infrastructure isn’t a simple tech refresh discussion. Instead, implementing a modern data foundation is a transformational step forward for any organization intent on fostering innovation, hardening security and making the most of data insights. 

There are three important reasons why organizations should modernize:

1.    Prevent organizations from drowning in data - Nearly 70% of organizations admitted they’re struggling to get value from data, according to a report from Dell called Power Innovation with Modern Data Infrastructure. The report shows that the majority of businesses lack the solutions necessary to ingest, analyze, and derive actionable insights from their data. Helping your customers overcome these data hurdles enables them to innovate and grow efficiently.

2.    Adapt to any use cases across the edge, core, and public cloud - Flexibility is critical to any modern business. MDI can empower your customers to conquer data silos, simplifying the complexity and diversity of their data landscape. It can also help them better collect and use data at the edge. Doing so will give your customers an advantage in the marketplace. 

3.    Deliver comprehensive protection where information lives - Every business understands the importance of data security. But how many know how to implement robust security measures like zero trust in a way that provides the highest levels of data protection and availability against cyber security threats? MDI helps guard data security and availability against cybersecurity threats that could cost your customers revenue, reputation, and time loss.  

It’s time to modernize Data Infrastructure

Now is the time to talk to your customers about Modern Data Infrastructure. With the Dell portfolio, you can offer every customer a custom configuration unique to their specific use cases. You can choose from a wide array of cutting-edge solutions, including Dell APEX multicloud, PowerEdge scalable servers, software-defined storage, and modernized services for small, medium, and large organizations, in addition to support from one of the broadest partner ecosystems in the industry.

Download the Innovation Accelerated - Power Innovation with Modern Data Infrastructure e-book today to learn more about how you can help your customers modernize their data foundation so they can accelerate from ideas to innovation.


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