You have, no doubt seen the recent references that we at Enterprise Tech Provider have made to the Dell Technologies Innovation Index. So why are the findings in the Innovation Index so compelling? If you’ll dedicate a minute or two to read on, we’re happy to explain why. 
As the findings in the Dell Technologies Innovation Index demonstrate, there is a clear connection between innovation success and organizations that have adopted a modern data infrastructure. First to note, intelligent and efficient data centers can cost-effectively manage rampant data growth and accelerate innovation with time-saving automation. The reason? Simply put, modern data centers can be deployed flexibly to power any workload from the edge to the data center to the public cloud. Best yet, they can ensure your customers’ data (their ‘innovation engine’) is protected everywhere. This modernization essentially reduces the complexity and size of the task.
The data explosion we’ve been experiencing for a while now is in hyper-drive. More and more organizations are digitally transforming at an increasingly rapid-fire pace and in turn, creating larger data footprints. Only smart systems powered by AI can harness, manage, and protect this much data. In the near term, generative AI will create exponentially more data as data is created to feed and teach large language models. Being able to deliver on data’s promises has never been more imperative and more closely within reach. 
The study validates the notion that to accelerate today’s and tomorrow’s breakthroughs, enterprises need to be data-driven, data-enabled, and technologically smart - all of which requires a right-sized, AI-infused IT environment. And specifically, an environment that automatically makes data and infrastructure resources available when and where they’re needed, with a zero-trust approach, that protects data from cyberattacks and privacy intrusions across a highly distributed data landscape.
Where Dell Technologies partners come in
Let’s face it. Trusted IT advisors are key to the modern data infrastructure initiatives of end user enterprises. In this regard, Dell Technologies partners are uniquely positioned to help customers with their transformational challenges. They comprehend their customers’ business needs and the specific industry landscape. 
Today, you can support your customers with complementary solutions, and provide expert, specialized services that support this ultra-critical technology. You have the wherewithal, proximity and reach for providing personalized, local support. Dell’s technology leadership, combined with its vast partner ecosystem and your industry expertise, ensures that shared customers can maximize the value of data and accelerate from ideas to innovation faster, easier, and less expensively.
To learn more about how you can grow your business by modernizing your customers’ data infrastructure, tune into this informative podcast featuring Cheryl Cook, SVP of Global Partner and OEM Marketing and Mindy Cancila, VP Corporate Strategy, where they’ll share what partners are doing for customers in the Modern Data Infrastructure space, and how it supports innovation.
Also, be sure to visit the Partner Program page on the Dell Technologies site to discover more about how to put modern data infrastructure to work for your customers. 

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