A new case study shows how partners like you can leverage Dell Technologies co-delivery services to grow your business. Working jointly with Dell experts empowers you to meet your customers’ requirements while expanding your capabilities and adding a new range of service competencies. 


As your customers grow, they’ll need to increase IT infrastructure to keep pace with demand. Supplying Dell PowerEdge servers along with storage, networking and security will become a key component of your relationship with these expanding enterprises. And your ability to quickly and reliably provide these tools could become the keystone of a long and lucrative relationship. 


Co-delivery benefits

The case study features Pentagon System & Services, a Mumbai-based provider of strategic IT consulting and managed services. Pentagon co-founder Sairaman Mudaliar explains the benefits of a co-delivery partnership. “Dell Technologies co-delivery provides the potential to earn additional margin and help us get and remain closer to our customers.” 


As a business owner, you know that growth requires capital. You also know that, with fierce competition in the marketplace, your ace in the hole could be not just the technology you provide but how quickly you provide it.


Co-delivery partners have access to an array of valuable deployment service tools. Among them is Enterprise Project Services, an end-to-end deployment project platform that facilitates collaborative sales and delivery. ProDeploy Toolkit is another vital tool to serve your customers better. This self-contained, standalone deployment delivery system automates time-consuming tasks by generating configuration scripts for delivery.


Done fast, done right

The case study (which you can read here) offers a lot of reasons to consider a co-delivery partnership with Dell. One of the most powerful comes from Mudaliar’s assessment: “Even large installations can often be done in one weekend with the help of co-delivery. This greatly reduces downtime for the customer.”


The bottom line: combining your invaluable expertise with Dell’s superior technology and global reach creates a powerful alliance your customers can rely on. To learn more about how you can make the most of your partnership with Dell, visit the Dell Technologies Partner Portal today.

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