Computacenter is helping organizations innovate through digital transformation. Its purpose is to enable success by building long-term trust with its customers, partners, people, and communities.

Headquartered in the UK, Computacenter’s 18,000 plus employees work globally with corporate and public sector companies in over 70 countries, covering industries such as retail,

manufacturing and services. Computacenter meets customer needs with a multi-tiered methodology of source, transform and manage. This way, Computacenter can better help customers achieve next level results by successfully navigating technology options within today’s highly dynamic and increasingly complex IT landscape.

Most of Computacenter customers have a multi-technology environment. Along with Dell Technologies, Computacenter combines and integrates these technologies and enables customers to achieve best practices and best of breed technology across various industries.

Through its strategic partnership with Dell Technologies, Computacenter leverages the Dell APEX Flex on Demand solution to provide customers with newfound agility, simplicity, and control. The combination of Dell APEX Flex on Demand’s consumption model with elastic, on-demand capacity delivers a fast-to-market, secure and on-premises cloud infrastructure that is bringing a market advantage to its adopters.

“Customers love the ease and agility of the cloud, but don’t want to sacrifice flexibility and choice. Our partnership with Dell Technologies and its Dell APEX Flex on Demand solution is ideal. This approach retains all the advantages of the public cloud, but with more cost control, security, and agility – a significant benefit of our Dell Technologies partnership. Our customers enjoy only paying for what they use, with immediate access to the resources that they need, versus having to pay for idle IT,” says Scott Ward, Senior Vice President for the North American Technology Sourcing Operations Business at Computacenter.

Hybrid cloud solutions are the ultimate game-changer for enterprise tech providers

Hybrid cloud solutions offer the desired flexibility and cost-savings by combining on-premises infrastructure with the scalability and cost advantages of the public cloud. They offer the flexible, consumption-based IT infrastructure that can meet dynamic business needs. Hybrid cloud provides the best of both worlds by addressing the limitations of a cloud-first approach, while parlaying the advantages of on-premises infrastructure. Most importantly, hybrid cloud reduces costs and increases flexibility by eliminating upfront overprovisioning.

Dell APEX Flex on Demand provides customizable infrastructure that delivers flexibility to align with dynamic business environments. Customers simply pay for what they use and reserve buffer capacity to meet spikes in demand. Spending is capped at 85 percent of planned capacity, so payments are predictable even when usage is variable. For Computacenter customers, Dell APEX Flex on Demand is deployed quickly and simply, with low upfront costs and a secure hybrid cloud environment.

“When we combine the Computacenter solutions with the power of the Dell Technologies partnership, we provide best-in-class service and solutions to our customers, from the core, to the cloud, to the edge,” shares Ward. “A big piece of how we make that work is our wonderful relationship with Dell Technologies and the Dell APEX Flex on Demand solution, which is a total game-changer.”

Up-level your services revenues by leveraging Dell APEX Flex on Demand

Get going today in accelerating your services revenues. Partners can learn more here about how partnering with Dell APEX Flex on Demand can help them assist their customers to achieve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize resources.

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