Technology powers business. Adopting a tailored IT infrastructure with modern technology has been proven to drive better business results. Traditionally, IT upgrades and refreshes have been time-intensive processes involving capital expense approvals and lengthy implementation cycles. One solution provider has found a new way to help customers successfully modernize their IT infrastructures.

Founded over a decade ago, Green is headquartered in Medellín, Colombia. It serves companies across industries such as retail, manufacturing, education, and government. With deep expertise and a strong track record of many customer successes, Green is bringing the next technological revolution to businesses. Green provides IT and professional services from the data center to the cloud, to the edge. 

The power of the partnership drives compelling results

Through their partnership with Dell Technologies, Green provides customers with the Dell APEX Flex on Demand solution, often with VxRail and VMware. The solution provides a “cloud-right”, on-premises, hyperconverged infrastructure to meet the emerging needs of their customers and helps maximize business outcomes. 

Using the Dell APEX Flex on Demand consumption-based model, Green’s customers can break through the current restrictions of traditional IT models – such as security and data gravity.  In addition, the solution allows customers to shorten gaps in time and project execution while building in flexibility to handle growth surges with at-the-ready IT capacity, bounded by capped, predictable operating expenses. Dell APEX Flex on Demand gives customers additional peace of mind, by capping total monthly billing at 85% usage of total installed capacity. An offer unmatched by other infrastructure providers*.

“With Dell APEX Flex on Demand’s consumption model, customers can deploy the technology solutions right now. Rapid implementation matters because the resulting productivity gains and expense reductions have a big impact on business results. Together with Dell Technologies, we help our customers modernize technology quickly and effectively,” says Robert Vargas, Business Development Manager, Green.

Green works to integrate business objectives with technology via tailored IT solutions. To capitalize on cloud capabilities, most customers opt for a hybrid multi-cloud environment. Dell APEX Flex on Demand facilitates on-premises, hybrid cloud solutions via a pay-per-use model that pivots financing from CapEx to OpEx. This enables fast implementation with improved cost-effectiveness and security and the flexibility to scale up and down to align with business needs as they evolve overtime.

As the cloud estate evolves, the hybrid, on-premises cloud approach is the new “gold standard” in IT best practices, blending the best of cloud and on-premises. Green and Dell Technologies refer to this as “cloud-right” and it builds a strong foundation for the much-needed simplicity, agility and control that creates incremental business value.

Green’s customers get to choose their own customized technology stack. Many of them are comfortable with in-house technology used in the previous 5-10 years. Green, through Dell APEX Flex on Demand, can offer the same technologies, that are both modernized and provided as-a-service. This translates into a key benefit for customers and a competitive advantage for Green Services. Blending capabilities across Green and Dell Technologies results in a “better together” scenario. By breaking through traditional constraints, clients gain newfound technology and competencies that align with the needs of their business today and the flexibility to adapt to the future. 

4 immediate benefits that you can deliver to your customers and grow your business

1- Offer Consumption-Based IT: Dell APEX Flex on Demand enables cost savings and faster implementation by shifting from upfront capital expenses to operating expenses

2- Boosted Business Outcomes: Dell APEX Flex on Demand shortens gaps in time and adoption, improving productivity, reducing costs, and delivering better business results

3- Flexibility and Future-Proofing: Dell APEX Flex on Demand offers scalability and cost control, providing additional IT capacity on demand and capping monthly billing

4- Simplified IT Infrastructure: Skilled support from Dell Technologies and partners like you streamlines IT infrastructure, thus allowing your customers to focus on other business priorities

Learn more about how you can get started with delivering ‘cloud-right’ services to your customers by visiting here.


*Available with Dell APEX Flex on Demand for Storage, Data Protection, and VxRail. Dark sites, non-metered deployments, and customers non-compliant with their contract terms are not eligible.

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