The Dell APEX portfolio is designed to provide your customers with a best-in-class multicloud solution uniquely suited to their organizations. Dell APEX multicloud by design offers a way to overcome the complexities and constraints of multicloud and empowers your customers to optimize data and workload placements for maximum value.
To bring the agility of the cloud operating model to your customers, Dell APEX offers four flexible consumption experiences.
Ground to Cloud - Best-of-breed Dell software innovations in the public clouds
The ground-to-cloud strategy brings software from your customer’s on-premises Dell infrastructure to their public cloud environments. This enables their IT teams to leverage the same enterprise-class functionality on both on-prem and public cloud platforms.
The seamless management of on-prem and public cloud empowers your customers to enhance data mobility and operational consistency across environments, which helps boost efficiency and reduce the need for additional training. 
Cloud to Ground - Extending modern cloud software to on-premises environments
Deploying a cloud-to-ground strategy lets your customers run cloud-native applications on-premises to help them meet security, compliance and performance requirements. By deploying Dell APEX, you can help them extend their cloud and container ecosystem to on-prem environments and enable developers to “build once and deploy anywhere.” The result is enhanced agility and unrestrained innovation, regardless of where apps and data live. 
As-a-Service - Simplified cloud experiences on-premises
Compute, storage, data protection and client device as-a-Service solutions are available worldwide. Deploying these offerings helps your customers reduce IT workloads, accelerate deployment and decrease operating costs. This consumption strategy enables rapid technology deployment, flexible scaling and payment over time via Dell’s subscription-based services. 
Pay-Per-Use - Aligning costs with usage
A pay-per-use consumption model enables your customers to better align costs with actual use. For example, pre-deploying buffer capacity helps reduce the cost of over-provisioning and the risk of under-provisioning. Pay-per-use gives your customers the ability to scale capacity up and down within the buffer. That way, they only pay for the capacity they use—one consistent rate with no overage fees.
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