Dell Technologies has released a new offer that will delight partners who have customers that rely on Microsoft Azure, especially for AI initiatives. They recently introduced Dell APEX File Storage for Microsoft Azure, which is a high-performance, scalable storage solution purpose-built for AI. It delivers enterprise-class file storage as a software-defined offer in Azure that enables customers to experience greater storage performance, operational consistency, and the freedom to focus on innovation. This offer simplifies their journey to the cloud by delivering a common storage experience across on-premises and cloud environments, and in turn creating a universal storage layer.
Dell APEX File Storage for Microsoft Azure closes the gap that exists between cloud storage and AI-driven insights. At the core of Dell APEX File Storage for Azure is PowerScale OneFS, which is a market leading high-performance scale-out file storage solution – one that is trusted by over 16,000 customers worldwide. By bringing the power of PowerScale OneFS to the Azure cloud, Dell enables customers to consolidate and manage data more effectively, reduce storage costs and enhance data protection and security. Partners can be assured that today, Dell APEX File Storage for Microsoft Azure delivers the most advanced file storage capabilities for Azure environments.
Empower Customers to Better Leverage Cloud AI Tools
End user organizations are looking for solutions that can power their demanding AI workloads. Dell APEX File Storage for Azure enables customers the ability to take advantage of significant performance and scalability by supporting up to 18 nodes and 5.6PiB in a single namespace. This empowers customers to leverage native cloud AI tools to arrive at intelligent insights faster and more reliably.
With their ever-increasing adoption of digital technologies, your customers’ needs for multicloud strategies has never been greater. Dell’s strategic collaboration with Microsoft, combined with your value-added services provides customers with the power to store and process data in the most optimal location for their AI use cases. As such, partners who can provide these multicloud solutions will be seen as not only innovative consultative partners, but as truly trusted advisors to these organizations.
To learn more about how you can partner up with Dell Technologies to leverage Dell APEX File Storage for Microsoft Azure and grow your cloud and AI business, visit here today.

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