The Dell APEX portfolio of as-a-Service solutions holds amazing potential for partners wanting to grow their businesses and provide first-in-class customer support. Helping your customers deploy these solutions gives you the opportunity to benefit from greater profitability potential and recurring revenue streams.
Dell APEX enables faster transitions to cloud and a shorter time to value for your customers. And it enables you to focus on delivering higher-value workload services so you can provide your customers with a flexible, agile model of consuming infrastructure.
Better Together
Dell APEX is a Better Together experience. That means the combination of Dell Technologies and partners like you creates a value greater than the sum of its parts. 
For instance, while Dell APEX provides on-demand infrastructure and lifecycle management services, partners deliver specialty services like colocation, hosting, networking and a full stack of managed services. That includes storage, data protection, client devices and compute.
It’s a potent combination of Dell’s industry-leading as-a-Service portfolio coupled with your reach, install base and vertical and application expertise. The result is a winning combination that benefits you, Dell and your joint customers. 
Simplified. Accelerated. Enhanced.
By combining your value-added expertise with a world-class portfolio of Dell APEX solutions, you can provide your customers with simplified, accelerated and enhanced IT services.
For instance, when designing a cloud experience, you can leverage Dell APEX to ensure quick provisioning, moving swiftly to spec and the ability to deploy and dynamically scale solutions as your customers’ needs change. You’ll also be able to help your customers match their IT spending with forecast use and business objectives to help them make better use of their finite resources. 
As you explore the Dell APEX portfolio, you’ll discover an array of powerful offers that can help you create continuing advantages for your business: 
-     Compute & HCI offers help simplify multicloud by providing customers with a secure, consistent experience everywhere.
-     Cyber & Data Protection offers enable your customers to make smarter technology choices to improve business results and ensure their infrastructure and data stay protected and secure.
-     Storage offers give you the flexibility to respond to your customers’ changing business needs, remove complexity and reduce risk with scalable and elastic Storage as-a-Service solutions.
View this 2-minute Dell APEX Back to Basics Video - Partner Opportunity today to learn how Dell APEX as-a-Service solutions can help you expand your business, speed your time to profitability and empower you to provide your customers with best-in-class service. 

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