As your customers move to a multicloud strategy, they’ll find that one size does not fit all. That’s especially true when it comes to deploying via disparate third-party data centers and public clouds like Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. 
Bringing it all together requires Dell APEX Multicloud by Design. Deploying this as-a-Service platform allows your customers to optimize the placement of applications and data wherever they deliver maximum value. 
Dell APEX Multicloud by Design is delivered via two complementary strategies.
Dell’s APEX ground-to-cloud strategy offers industry-leading software innovations from on-premises Dell infrastructure to public clouds. The platform empowers your customer’s IT operations team with enterprise-class functionality, performance and resiliency across public and private clouds. It’s a proven strategy for simplified management, enhanced data mobility, and operational consistency that helps increase IT efficiency and eliminate the need for extra training. 
If your customers are looking for an innovative, new approach to managing applications in a multicloud environment, Dell’s APEX cloud-to-ground strategy is the answer. By extending cloud and container orchestration ecosystems to on-premises environments, your customers can enhance their workload mobility and operations consistency. They’ll also be able to run cloud-native applications on premises, which will help your customers meet enhanced security compliance and performance requirements. 
Bringing it all together
Combining these strategies brings vital improvements to your customer’s unique organization. For instance, they can use familiar tools to manage on-premises and public cloud environments. Enhanced placement and mobility of applications are part of the deal, too. And Dell APEX platforms ensure your customers can use these resources to create maximum value. 
Hardened security is built in to help your customers reduce risk by increasing oversight and control of compliance needs. It’s the all-in-one solution they need to increase efficiency as they reduce costs. 
To learn more about Dell APEX Multicloud by Design, read the new white paper, A Partner’s Guide to Building and Refining Multicloud Strategies. And visit the Dell Technologies Partner Portal for more resources and information to help you grow your business as you help your customers grow theirs. 

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