When it comes to multicloud-by-design, controlling security, governance, and performance is paramount. The key to your customer’s success is ensuring more significant control of processes, costs, and data security by implementing a unified cloud experience managed from a single point of control. You can help them achieve that level of control with Dell APEX as-a-Service platforms.
The problem is clear: IT decision-makers (ITDMs) are experiencing myriad challenges with their current cloud strategies. During day-to-day operations, they run into data sovereignty issues, compliance requirements, limited visibility leading to security challenges, and siloed cloud experiences with disparate management and vendors.
According to the Dell Innovation Index, 63% of ITDMs report that growing cloud costs are hampering their cloud strategies. Those costs include storage, networking egress, and access fees. Respondents also report losing time and money migrating apps to a new cloud environment.
The good news is you and Dell Technologies can help your customers solve these issues and unleash innovation.
Taking control
Helping your customers deploy Dell APEX as-a-Service solutions gives them a unified cloud experience with more consistent and frictionless operations. That means your customers can take back control and determine where their data is located, who can access it, and how it is protected.
Dell APEX multicloud-by-design enables your customers to take control and benefit from:
-     Increased security that protects against cyberattacks and unplanned downtime.
-     Greater governance that ensures your customer’s data resides in known locations that satisfy compliance obligations.
-     Improved performance that puts data in the right place at the right time to deliver the speed and outcomes your customers need.
-     Autonomy to precisely dial up and down their processes, costs, data security, and power by managing their cloud experience from a single point of control.
Help your customers take control of their multicloud-by-design deployments. Dell APEX as-a-Service platforms make it possible. You make it happen. You can learn more right now by watching the new Dell Multicloud-By-Design video and visiting the Dell Technologies Partner Portal.

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