Part 1 of this series outlined the ways in which your customers can take back control of their cloud strategies by deploying Dell APEX multicloud-by-design. In Part 2, you’ll learn how to grow your business by solving common IT infrastructure issues.
Helping your customers save time and money is a step in the right direction toward becoming an indispensable resource as they grow. With your help, your customers’ organizations can control costs and minimize application failure by adopting a multicloud-by-design strategy powered by Dell APEX.
That’s a compelling sales pitch for today’s CIOs. Too many of them routinely see their department’s cloud computing spend exceed allocated budgets. They also experience myriad disruptions caused by wrong-sized workloads.
These problems are both common and easy to solve. Working in partnership with Dell Technologies, you can help your customers create a cost-effective multicloud strategy with the capacity for growth. By showing your customers how to overcome these challenges, you’re establishing yourself as an indispensable resource.
Control 101: Capacity Management
According to the Dell Innovation Index, 45% of IT decision-makers (ITDMs) are operating under the misapprehension that adding capacity requires significant infrastructure investment. Your customers will be glad to know that the right multicloud strategy doesn’t need large CAPEX expenditures to fuel expansion as their organizations grow.
By deploying Dell APEX multicloud-by design you can offer your customers industry-leading capacity management. Dell’s as-a-Service platform enables them to allocate the CPU, memory, and storage resources their IT teams need to support a multitude of applications.
With an intelligent multicloud strategy, they can quickly determine how many services to include in a cluster to handle various loads and manage backup systems. They can also better evaluate whether or not they’d benefit from serverless functions or virtual servers.
The right multicloud strategy can empower your customers to innovate and grow faster than ever before. As they grow their businesses, you’ll be better positioned to grow yours, too. To learn more about how you can help your customers move forward while expanding your revenue streams at the same time, check out the Unleash Innovation with Multicloud by Design Infographic and the free resources in the Dell Technologies Partner Portal today.

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