Part 1 of this series explored the simplicity of mutlicloud deployment powered by Dell APEX as-a-Service platforms. In Part 2, you’ll see how to leverage this standout technology to grow your business.
Turning issues into opportunities
More than half of the organizations polled for the Dell Technologies Innovation Index reported that their cloud strategy was hampered by disparate cloud management, vendor lock-in and lack of flexibility. The same report showed that 62% have yet to reduce management overhead and improve visibility with automation in the cloud.
Those statistics make it clear that modern organizations suffer from overly complex multicloud strategies that cost them time and money. Presenting them with a way to simplify IT Ops and reduce costs could position you as an invaluable resource—one they can’t do without as they grow.
Helping your customers deploy Dell APEX empowers them to shift away from a costly and time-consuming multicloud strategy. Instead, they’ll have one where their IT staff can leverage a simplified interface and AI-powered automation to help reduce redundancy and wasted time. 
A simplified strategy will also help your customers eliminate the complexity of disparate vendors and platforms. That way, they can focus their IT spending on your expert services and cutting-edge storage, compute and security provided by Dell.
What’s more, your customer’s new simplified multicloud operations will benefit from expert 24/7 support—not from a multitude of vendors, each trying to pass the buck, but via a single point of contact. 
The Dell APEX Cloud Platforms family provides automation and integration across your customer’s cloud ecosystems, helping them overcome the challenges of multicloud environments. The part you play in deploying Dell’s as-a-Service platforms not only makes you a key member of their team, but it also broadens your service portfolio so you can capitalize on more opportunities and grow your business as you help them grow theirs. 
Visit the Dell Technologies Partner Portal today to learn more about Dell APEX mutlicloud platforms. Looking for more helpful info? Check out The Partner Connection podcast with Cheryl Cook.

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