Today, OpEx models are increasingly being employed by end user customers. In response to this, solution providers and IT partners are adjusting their go-to-market plans and business models to capitalize on this opportunity. 
A recent study by research firm ESG supports this, as they have seen the following trends become mainstream over the last two years:
• More complexity and increased demand for managing valuable data has created new service opportunities.
• Customers prefer to address their challenges with subscription-based, services-led offerings.
In this environment, solution providers and IT partners have been presented with a chance for sustainable differentiation. By ensuring a balance of end-user value and technological and process innovation, they can become trusted partners for BOTH their vendor partners and their mutual customers. 
Reflecting this opportunity, 86 percent of partners surveyed by ESG believed that cloud-based managed services represented a fundamental shift in their business models. Furthermore, many of them were actively trying to get out ahead of this trend.
Dell Technologies is supporting this market shift by providing an innovative way to acquire its broad-based IT infrastructure solutions: Dell APEX. To support its partners that are not only supporting customer transitions to the cloud, but also transforming their companies to subscription-based, multicloud models, Dell Technologies has introduced significant changes and innovations designed to support customer success and profitable partner growth, under the banner of what they call “multicloud by design.”
There are four important themes in and around this market shift. The ESG whitepaper that cites this research explores these four themes that are being shaped by the changes in IT consumption and management. 
You can access the whitepaper here to learn the factors and data behind these trends, how they intertwine and affect the others, and the impact on end-users and the partners that support them.

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