Ensuring availability of your customer’s digital infrastructure gets more difficult as their applications, data and compute, storage and network resources scale across data centers, edge locations and cloud.  Nowadays, IT environments are getting so complex that IT operations must turn to smarter, more automated tools to monitor and manage them.
Dell Technologies’ recently introduced APEX AIOps is the answer. It’s an AI-driven Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) designed to tame your customers’ IT complexity.
Based on Dell and third-party research, using APEX AIOps can result in up to 10X faster resolutions of infrastructure issues[1], up to 70% reduction in time to resolve application issues[2] and as much as a 93% reduction in customer-reported issues.
APEX AIOps at a glance
The scope of Dell APEX AIOps combines three primary areas of focus:
1. Infrastructure Observability
Leveraging Dell’s flexible SaaS platform can save your customers an entire day every week by keeping them informed about what’s happening with their infrastructure and what to do about it[1]. Key reporting includes:
-     Infrastructure health scores, contributing factors of health issues and recommendations for remediation
-     Performance and capacity forecasting
-     Cybersecurity risk
-     Carbon footprint forecasting
2. Application Observability
Understanding the factors impacting your customers’ applications can lead to a 3X increase in application deployment[1]. APEX AIOps provides vital information like:
-     Automated full-stack application visibility
-     Continuous monitoring for 300+ supported application layer technologies
-     Contributing factors of application incidents and recommendations for remediation
-     Predictive analytics to help identify potential issues
3. Incident Management
Help your customers reduce support tickets by up to 50%[2] and experience a much-needed reduction in alert noise, incidents and time to resolution. When it comes to incident management, your customers can rely on:
-     Integration with multivendor monitoring tools to reduce event and alert noise across technology silos into actionable events
-     Causality algorithms to uncover root cause across silos
-     A virtual situation room where specialists can see root cause across technology silos
-     Recommendations for remediation and integrations to automate ticketing and remediation
Your customers are embracing a bold, new era of AI-driven operations. As a Dell partner, you can ensure they thrive and grow by offering them Dell Technologies APEX AIOps as part of your solution. To learn how visit www.dell.com/apex-aiops .
[1] The Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM Instana Observability,” Forrester, 2024. Actual results may vary.
[2] AOIps user research, Moogsoft, 2023. Actual results may vary.

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