Help your customers experience easier digital transformations by deploying Dell Technologies APEX platform. Providing simple, accelerated and enhanced solutions empowers your customers to get real results and shift from “multicloud by default” to Multicloud by Design.
Combining Dell APEX with your unique value-added services gives you a clear business advantage. Now, you can offer simplified cloud experiences with greater agility and choice. Helping your customers create digital transformations that enable them to save time and money positions you as a vital resource.
More value for your customers
Deploying Dell APEX can help your customers drive more efficient and effective IT operations. For example, customers report 60% faster new capacity deployment and a 64% reduction in unplanned outages yearly.
As for total cost of ownership (TCO), your customers can expect up to a 39% reduction in their cost of operations after deploying APEX as-a-Service and subscription services[1].
An impressive portfolio
Dell APEX is an extensive end-to-end portfolio of as-a-Service and subscription solutions, delivered wherever applications and data live.
Among its many solutions, APEX includes:
-     Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Seamless integration of optimal AI and Generative AI (GenAI) performance.
-     Compute & HCI - On-prem cloud experience via subscription-based scalable compute resources.
-     Storage - Elastic file, block and backup services to elevate your customer’s cloud storage capabilities.
-     Cyber & Data Protection  - Ensure your customers can mitigate downtime and recover their data with a range of protection services.
-     Cloud Platforms—On-site cloud ecosystems to modernize your customers’ cloud deployment on the platform of their choice.
-     Device - An as-a-Service portfolio of secure and scalable device services.
What’s more, the entire APEX portfolio can be managed through the Dell APEX Console. This interface provides insights and self-service capabilities for frictionless commerce and superior customer service.
Learn more about leveraging the Dell APEX portfolio to empower and delight your customers. To get started, watch the Dell APEX video or find out more about APEX on
[1] Source: An IDC White Paper commissioned by Dell Technologies and Intel: The Business Value of Dell APEX as a Service Solutions, August 2021

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