A new video filmed on location at Dell Technologies World 2023 illustrates the vital—and mutually beneficial—relationship between Dell Technologies and partners who expertly deploy the Dell APEX portfolio. Dell APEX offers faster transitions to cloud and a shorter time to value for your customers. The portfolio of compute, storage, data protection and client-device as-a-Service solutions enables you to focus on delivering higher-value workload services so you can provide your customers with a flexible, agile model of consuming infrastructure.
The panel includes Dan Hodge, Dell’s VP of Global Partner APEX & Multicloud, along with two successful Dell APEX partners. Jeff St. John represents CovergeOne, where he serves as a Senior Datacenter and hybrid Cloud Solutions Architect. The panel also includes the CEO of REDESIGN, Phil Sanginario, who makes a point to emphasize the fact that Dell APEX is designed as a Better Together Experience.
Better Together signifies how Dell and partners like you come together to create value for your mutual customers. While Dell APEX provides on-demand infrastructure and lifecycle management services, partners can deliver specialty services like colocation, hosting, networking and a full stack of managed services. 
The stories of ConvergeOne and REDESIGN demonstrate how leveraging the Dell APEX portfolio can help expand your portfolio of offerings so you can better meet your customers’ multicloud needs. Helping your customers deploy these as-a-Service solutions offers you myriad opportunities to benefit from greater profitability potential and recurring revenue streams.
Recent Dell APEX improvements
The most recent improvements to the Dell APEX Portfolio illustrate Dell’s commitment to helping Dell APEX-enabled partners grow their businesses and increase profitability. Some of those noted were resale for European partners, an APEX Ambassador Club to establish tighter relationships with field teams and most recently, Dell unveiled a Partner-first strategy for Storage, including Dell APEX Storage. This new strategy combines Partner expertise and reach with Dell's world-class storage portfolio and team to deliver incredible outcomes for joint customers.
To learn how to take advantage of these new Dell APEX features and many more, visit the Dell APEX Discovery Center today.

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