Agility is a vital component of a superior multicloud-by-design strategy. Helping your customers ensure they have an agile solution based on Dell Technologies’ APEX as-a-Service platform will enable them to react quickly and scale resources on demand to capture new opportunities.
This concept sounds simple. However, research conducted for the Dell Innovation Index shows that creating an agile solution is easier said than done. 
The study shows that 43 percent of the organizations surveyed happened onto a multicloud strategy by leveraging a mix of public and private cloud environments to support innovation. A lack of pre-planning led to 65 percent of IT decision-makers reporting that they couldn’t keep pace with changing organizational needs with their multicloud set-up.
Why agility is important
A coordinated strategy provides much-needed flexibility for swift provisioning and rapid scaling. Ensuring an agile multicloud-by-design deployment means your customers can quickly bring their innovations to market.
How can you help your customers achieve faster results? The answer starts with Dell APEX multicloud-by-design. Leveraging this array of as-a-Service solutions enables your customers to skip the trial & error stage and fast-forward to innovation and success. 
The element of agility empowers your customers to react quickly to market fluctuations and shifts in customer demand. It also allows them to scale resources on demand, which lowers costs by preventing over-provisioning and wasted IT Ops resources.
An agile multicloud-by-design strategy enables your customers to move swiftly and capture new opportunities ahead of the competition. The proof can again be found in the Dell Innovation Index. The report shows that 61 percent of innovation leaders are adopting an as-a-Service IT consumption model to acquire the technology they need while outsourcing the management burden to a trusted partner. Are your customers doing the same?
Part 2 of this series will explore ways you can help your customers add the element of agility to their multicloud strategy and grow your business in the process. You can learn more right now by watching the new Dell Multicloud-By-Design video and visiting the Dell Technologies Partner Portal.

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