Part 1 of this series discussed the importance of agility in a multicloud-by-design deployment powered by Dell APEX. Part 2 looks at ways an agile multicloud strategy can help you and your customers grow your businesses.
Agility = growth
An agile multicloud solution empowers your customers to react quickly to market trends, scale on demand and capture new opportunities. Preparing to help deploy Dell APEX as-a-Service multicloud-by-design means you’ll be able to capture new opportunities, too.
Research conducted for the Dell Innovation Index shows that most innovation leaders adopt an as-a-Service IT consumption model, re-platform existing apps to take advantage of cloud capabilities, and leverage a mix of public and private cloud environments. As your customers move into the future, they’ll look to you to help provide an agile multicloud strategy to help them achieve these goals.
Overcoming resistance
However, some of your customers might first need to be convinced. Over a third (36%) of all respondents’ organizations remain reticent about making necessary changes. They worry about the time and money they think will be required to create a new multicloud ecosystem.
Working together with Dell Technologies, you can help them overcome their reticence by demonstrating the benefits of APEX as-a-Service multicloud-by-design:
-     With Dell APEX cloud platforms, your customers’ application developers can “build once and deploy anywhere” using the software they prefer in the environment of their choice. That means a boost in workload agility that unlocks unrestrained software innovation, no matter where applications and data live.
-     Dell’s unique APEX as-a-Service platform enables your customers to run production public cloud workloads on-premises to help keep applications and data more secure, compliant, and optimized.
-     You can help your customers create their own on-demand environment and implement a pay-per-use subscription on Dell infrastructure products or create a usage-based managed utility ecosystem.
Dell offers many resources to help your customers innovate and grow. An easy place to start is the Unleash Innovation with Multicloud by Design Infographic. You can also visit the Dell Technologies Partner Portal to learn more about how you can help your customers create an agile multicloud-by-design solution with APEX as-a-Service platforms.

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