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5 Fast Facts on the 5th Anniversary of the Dell Technologies Partner Program

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Five years ago, Dell Technologies established a partner program to provide access to the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge technologies, solutions, and services. 

Here are five fast facts about Dell’s program, from how it started to how and where it’s going, and more. 

1. Founded on a commitment

Founded on the commitment to build the industry’s most simple, predictable, and profitable partner program, Dell Technologies unified the Dell and EMC programs, curating the best from both, to create a simple global partner structure and ecosystem. The Dell Technologies Partner Program has retained a predictable, clear path to success in a consistent tier structure, and continues to be highly profitable with significant benefits, stackable rebates, and lucrative incentives.

2.  World-class program built with partners, for partners

The Dell Technologies Partner Program is built on partner feedback: Dell listens to partners and adapts and innovates to provide partner-inspired tools and resources that accelerate time to market and drive growth. To ensure continual, open feedback, Dell focuses on building trust and collaborating with partners. 

Most recently, based on partner input, Dell has streamlined the partner experience and simplified engagement across multiple routes to market.

3. Learn more, earn more

Dell Technologies offers a diverse array of trainings and competencies, with the flexibility to specialize in specific portfolio, solutions, and services. By completing competencies, partners benefit from increased sales due to greater expertise, in focus areas they choose. Competencies span pre-sales, sales, technology, and services, and ensure that partners have the appropriate knowledge and skillset to meet customer needs. 

What’s more, as a partner completes competencies, they progress to higher program tiers and receive greater benefits, including additional rebates. 

4. Investment and innovation to fuel growth

The pace of digital transformation has accelerated beyond what anyone could’ve predicted five years ago, and neither it, nor Dell, is slowing down. Dell is driving innovation by investing in research and development as well as piloting new growth businesses, enabling consumption models, and building the technology partner ecosystem of the future.

Dell is also investing in the channel—increasing partner incentives, streamlining the partner experience, and empowering partners to open new markets and serve customers faster and better—with incredible results: the channel business is growing faster than the market.

5. Transforming lives, today and tomorrow

Over the last five years, where some companies went small, Dell went big, accelerating the growth of its portfolio, from the edge to the core to the cloud. This expanded technology portfolio, combined with unmatched global scale and reach, has the potential to drive social impact worldwide—and Dell has embraced this potential with vigor.

Based on the belief that “technology and data combined with the human spirit are, and will always be, positive forces in the world,” Dell has created a detailed social impact plan, Progress Made Real, and set ambitious ‘moonshot’ goals focused on advancing sustainability, cultivating inclusion, transforming lives, and upholding ethics and privacy. 

As more than 95% of Dell customers ask about social impact efforts in the RFP process, Dell is working to educate partners on their Progress Made Real initiatives, empowering partners to educate customers and collaborate on social impact.

For partners, this provides an opportunity to work with a socially conscious vendor while providing their customers with sustainable, end-to-end solutions.

Looking ahead

It’s clear: Dell is well-prepared for whatever tomorrow brings, and ready to seize tremendous growth opportunities, and drive social impact with its partner community. 

Learn more about the Dell Technologies Partner Program. 

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