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A program built for partners, that benefits customers

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It certainly hasn’t been easy doing business over the last 18 months, what with the pace of digital transformation along with the global events that have taken place. Uncertainty throughout the world has fueled the rate at which companies are adopting digital-first strategies; this, in turn, has made it difficult for solution providers to keep pace. 
To support its partners, Dell Technologies has revamped a key partner program, formerly known as “Partner Preferred”, now referred to as “Power up”.      
The goal in doing this is to help accelerate momentum and continue to empower the company’s partners, thereby driving a positive impact in the community — not only through technology, but through everything else Dell does. 
A closer look: What is Power up?
For partners, these are some of the most frequently asked questions related to Power up:
What is Power up and how do I make money? 
Underpenetrated and white space data center accounts that are supported with additional Program benefits to assist partners with this new business acquisition. When holding an approved Deal Registration for a Storage or Server Power up account you may be eligible for:  
• An additional front-end discount when you link your quote to an approved Power up deal registration:
- Up to 6% for Storage 
- Up to 4% for Server 
• The ability to earn Partner of Record (PoR) status for Storage or Server with a won deal. 
- PoR status means that the Dell Technologies code sales team will work with the Partner of Record with future Dell-found opportunities for the line in business in the account that the status was earned.
What products are eligible? 
• Storage Power up: Storage, CI/HCI, Data Protection
• Server Power up: PowerEdge Servers
What do I need to do? 
• Your Partner Account Manager will engage with you and share strategic collaboration targets during Account Planning 
• If you are enrolled in the Dell Technologies Partner Program, go to the download center to access the Power up list
• Deal Register your opportunities and look for “Power up for Partners” under Qualified Programs on your approval notifications 
What else should I know?
The Power up acquisition Deal Registration discount is incremental on top of standard deal registration discount. As this supports acquisition of new business, it is stackable with New Business Incentive (NBI) rebate where applicable.
What does this mean for customers?
A more adaptive and innovative ecosystem that brings together different aspects of customers’ infrastructure, allowing them to:
Respond rapidly to new requirements
Take security to the next level
Address evolving compute demands
Storage solutions like PowerVault, PowerStore, and PowerScale, as well as the Server solutions of PowerEdge, all provide robust benefits when deployed individually; however, when combined, the business benefits can be game changing:
Consistent operational scale and experience for the most data-driven applications
Optimized IT through highly automated, intelligent, secure, and resilient infrastructure
Reduced cost, time, and risk by streamlining purchase, deployment, and management
Increased assurance with longevity from the Future-Proof Program
Improved time to value with ProDeploy and ProSupport Enterprise suites
Flexible payment options and increased choice of consumption models
Learn more about Power up by visiting here
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