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Achieving greater agility and reliability through flexible IT solutions

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As more IT organizations are faced with the challenges of meeting higher performance, agility, availability, and scalability requirements (while, of course, staying within budgetary constraints), it is becoming increasingly clear that adapting to the demands of digital transformation is an imperative.
To best support the business on its digital transformation journey, IT must be able to respond faster to take advantage of changing market conditions and new business opportunities, while enabling increased use of big data and analytics, more personalized interaction with customers, and better use of innovation in order to truly drive competitive differentiation. 
To this end, a majority of organizations are now planning to modernize their server, storage, and/or data protection infrastructure, and are looking to specific technology to help streamline IT infrastructure while meeting these new requirements. 
Fortunately, Dell Technologies offers a broad IT infrastructure portfolio that differentiates it from its competitors that just sell storage. Dell has taken advantage of its server, data protection, and storage infrastructure offerings to create well-integrated solutions that can be easier to deploy and manage than a customer-assembled IT infrastructure built from point products. 
According to An IDC Business Value White Paper, the benefits of putting Dell Technologies’ storage solutions to work are significant in three key areas:
Agility – 52% faster to deploy new storage and required 51% less staff time to upgrade storage
Performance – 30% higher application performance with 79% less unplanned downtime
Business results - $7.5M per year higher revenue per organization and 34% faster to run analytical queries 
Let’s take a closer look. 
Delivering increased agility 
Organizations today need to be able to react to and realize opportunities with resilience and agility. This is where you can firmly establish yourself as a trusted partner — one who – with the power of Dell Technologies backing you – will stop at nothing to provide them with greater choice, agility, and predictability. 
There has never been a better time than right now to begin promoting Dell Technologies  flexible, end-to-end solutions: 
Consistent IT management and user experience across the entire IT environment.
The broadest, end-to-end portfolio that aligns with your customers’ IT needs and objectives.
More IT choice and flexibility delivered consistently across multi-cloud environments.
Optimized infrastructure and workloads for predictive, reliable outcomes.
The study results showed the strong value that Dell Technologies customers have achieved by running business applications on all storage solutions from the Dell Technologies storage portfolio, all powered by Intel. These include Dell EMC PowerStore, PowerMax, PowerFlex, PowerScale, and Unity XT. They consistently reported lowering their overall storage costs while benefiting from enhanced storage agility, reliability, and performance. 
Among survey respondents, 37% had experience with Dell EMC PowerMax (a multi-controller primary storage array), 33% were using Dell EMC PowerScale/Isilon (a scale-out file system platform), 28% were users of Dell EMC PowerFlex (a software-defined storage solution), 24% had Dell EMC Unity XT (a unified storage system supporting block- and file-based storage), and 13% had Dell EMC PowerStore (the vendor’s latest unified storage platform). 
The future of storage
It goes without saying that data visibility is a major IT imperative for organizations of all sizes. To support this, Dell Technologies launched PowerStore, which supports and helps to accelerate digital transformation – no matter the size of your customer’s organization – while also delivering:
Adaptability: Supports speedy application mobility along with flexible deployment models and payment solutions.
Data-centric design: Optimizes storage efficiency, scalability, and system performance.
Intelligent automation: Simplifies management, optimizes system resources, and enables proactive health analytics.
Among PowerStore’s key features: 
Flexible and scalable architecture
Lower costs
Predictable overheads
Increased automation
Reduced management
Reduced resources
Actionable data insights
Increased application mobility
Extended enterprise capabilities
With systems in 50+ countries and a sales pipeline of over $2B, PowerStore is already achieving significant sales success. You can capitalize on its expanded scope to open new market and sales opportunities with organizations of all sizes looking to modernize their core, edge, and cloud to achieve digital transformation.
Learn more about PowerStore and the future of storage.
To learn more about Dell’s flexible IT solutions, check out this illuminating IDC infographic.
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