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Breakthrough marketing tools from Dell Technologies for valued partners

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Technology providers know better than anyone that we are living and working in the online world. So, it only stands to reason that as tech providers we understand the critical importance of marketing our solutions and services to technology buyers who research purchase options online. Therefore, to be an effective and proficient technology marketing pro depends upon how well you understand the intricacies of the IT buyer’s journey.
According to research from Sherpa Marketing, 57 percent of the purchase decision is complete before a prospect even calls an IT provider. Their research further suggests that more than two-thirds of the buyer journey occurs digitally, and that an average of 18.2 engagements take place throughout the buying process.
The reality is that the more that prospects see and hear from your firm, the more likely they will feel they can trust your firm. Establishing your firm’s brand as an authority requires thoughtful outreach on your part. As such, the mechanism and messaging you choose, must be of the best quality possible.
Energize your digital marketing courtesy of Dell Technologies new video series
Technology may be the enabler, but Dell Technologies believes their partners are true transformers. Every investment they're making is designed to help their partners serve customers better, deliver outcomes faster and fuel growth - all while driving impact in their shared communities. Their promise to their partners is “Together, We Stop at Nothing”. This means that their partners can count on the full strength of Dell Technologies behind them, every day, to enable their success.
To support this ongoing commitment Dell Technologies has just introduced a newly created Digital Marketing video series for partners. This series is comprised of six complimentary videos designed to help partners easily navigate getting started with their digital marketing efforts.
The topics covered by the videos are:
·          Content Marketing
·          Paid Social Media Optimization
·          Nurturing and Remarketing 
·          Measuring and Optimizing your Digital Strategy
·          Hosting Virtual Events
·          Website Strategy & Optimization
View this short teaser video to get a quick intro to the series.
Learn more about how Dell Technologies can help you energize your digital strategy through no-cost access to powerful Digital Marketing and Virtual Selling training resources, campaigns, and assets.
Dell Technologies partners can view the videos as well as utilize the full set of materials available on the Partner Portal by visiting here 
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