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Important Trends, Perspectives and Analysis for Solution Providers and Integrators

Build your AI services business by helping your customers innovate with data anywhere

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping customer enterprises of all shapes and sizes by industries and reinventing their futures. AI is being accelerated by the ever-increasing advancements being made in machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL), and in turn, empowering organizations in every industry to reduce risk, move faster and gain deeper insights and value from their data. The powerful trifecta of AI, ML and DL is helping numerous customer organizations arrive at more intelligent outcomes every passing day.

AI algorithms are producing value and driving digital progress using millions of data points collected both from traditional data sources in addition to increasing amounts from the edges of the enterprise. The downside is that only a small portion of the available data is being used to guide decision making. However, by broadening the spectrum of data that customers can use enables them to tap its hidden potential. Given the ability to leverage powerful AI applications helps them to answer bigger questions faster. This allows them to keep pace with their competition – and enables you to capitalize on a golden opportunity to build your AI services practice. 

Dell Technologies has embraced the AI‑enabled decade with a comprehensive portfolio 

As the essential end-to-end technology company for the data era, Dell Technologies has earned the trust of organizations of all kinds to help them migrate, store, process and protect their mission-critical data. As such, they are uniquely positioned to assist partners and their customers run AI workloads anywhere they need them by scaling AI from proof of concept to production. From speech recognition and recommender systems to medical imaging and improved supply chain management, they’re providing the expertise, IT power and streamlined solutions organizations need.

Dell Technologies Services is your key to immediate AI success. They will partner with you and your customers, collaborating on IT solutions that give them and you an advantage today and prepare you for what’s ahead. As a result of their worldwide presence, they help you scale with your customers, partnering with you to take your customers where they need to go. Dell Technologies has the global reach, the end-to-end portfolio, and the digital knowhow to deliver the full scope of AI and data-driven technologies required to help you succeed. 

Dell Consulting Services will help you assess your customer’s environment and create a transformation plan to achieve measurable outcomes. This includes the deployment of new and more efficient infrastructures, modern collaboration and communication tools, as well as the right end-user devices. Their Deployment Services can help your customers to embrace these new technologies, by accelerating deployment and adoption so they can execute digital strategies and achieve business outcomes.

Realize your breakthrough to a host of other compelling partner benefits

Unlock natural cross-sell opportunities - Offer your customers immediate and secure access to all their data by building a flexible foundation that simplifies the edge and offers a pathway into a much bigger security conversation. 

Capitalize on the desire for innovating from anywhere - Customers are looking for ways to optimize the way they use data. Dell Technologies modernized infrastructure helps you breathe new life into your customers’ enterprise data by removing data silos and making information accessible to teams, wherever they are. 

Redefine data storage services - APEX from Dell Technologies delivers the all-in-one solution to your customers’ rapidly growing data and workload requirements, by combining their powerful data infrastructure with the as-a-Service model that helps you stay agile. 

Get DevOps-ready to accelerate solution deployments - Take advantage of their broad range of DevOps ready platforms to quickly adopt multi cloud container orchestration and build cloud services fast. 

Are you ready?

There has never been a more opportune time for you to help your customers innovate with data anywhere by putting AI to work for them. Learn more about how to partner with Dell Technologies in assisting your customers in unlocking business success by identifying their unique data advantage by visiting here 

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