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Case Study: How an IT consultancy firm expanded its revenue opportunities

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Remote work was very rare a decade ago. However, the ongoing pandemic, coupled with advancements in teleconferencing and telework technology, has turned the opinion of many enterprises nowadays. In fact, some businesses are thriving with completely remote teams. 
For the savvy solution provider, this presents a unique opportunity to outfit their customers with the appropriate IT solutions to ensure a secure, seamless remote work experience. 
And in doing so, expand their revenue opportunities. 
Case study: New revenue opportunities boost DG Technology’s future
DG Technology Consulting, a Florida-based IT consultancy firm, has a customer roster of mostly medium to large enterprises with 1,000—10,000 employees. These companies rely on DG Technology to secure their critical data, apps, and infrastructure across a variety of platforms, including data centers, clouds, and user end points. 
Over the last few years, DG Technology has been primarily focused on advising its customers on how best to improve PC security for remote employees. Then, one day, one of its customers came in with a special request that turned in to an unexpected opportunity. 
Deborah Gannaway, principal at DG Technology, started an 11-person, women-owned company in 2007 after a 20-year career as a high-tech sales executive. She recalls the moment the aforementioned opportunity presented itself: 
“We had built our security business to be hardware agnostic, but a client specifically wanted us to provide them with Dell Technologies laptops, workstations, and docks instead of a competitor’s brand that they had been using. This led us to the Dell Technologies Partner Program. We signed up to take advantage of its many benefits, a key one being the sales assistance we get to drive new revenue today and lay a foundation for solution sales in the future.”
Simple onboarding, impressive responsiveness 
Gannaway was impressed by the ease with which she was able to onboard her company into the Partner Program:
“In less than a month, Dell Technologies reps had met our whole team and gotten us set up and ready to start taking orders,” she says. “Whatever we need, Dell Technologies gets back to us quickly, unlike our past vendors.”
Along with the easy onboarding process, Gannaway noted the fortunate timing of it all: 
“Like so many businesses, and even our own clients, we had to rethink how we operated, adapt to new circumstances and be flexible for our clients,” she says. “By partnering with Dell Technologies, we have so many more opportunities than we had before. In fact, our earnings have grown by about 24%.”
Improved security solutions expand revenue opportunities  
Along with the earnings growth, being a part of the Partner Program has enabled Gannaway’s staff to boost their productivity by 14%. It has also provided them with the solutions needed to better solve a broader range of client challenges with more consulting services, while freeing them up to better focus on strengthening client relationships. 
“Dell Technologies solutions, especially around servers and storage, align brilliantly with our ‘security first’ mantra,” Gannaway says. “Plus, our clients are assured their solutions are secured throughout the entire Dell Technologies supply chain.” 
Looking ahead
In the coming months, Gannaway’s firm is looking to offer direct home delivery using the Dell ProDeploy Client Suite as well as opportunities across Dell Technologies security offerings, data center portfolio, and as-a-Service offerings through Dell APEX Cloud Services.
“The cloud is where we see future growth, and the Dell APEX platform provides a total solution for our clients,” Gannaway concludes. “Our future is brighter than ever. With our partnership, we’ve sharpened our competitive edge and can close bigger deals, expand operations and better meet — or even exceed — our clients’ expectations.”
Learn more about the Dell Technologies Partner Program.
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