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Case Study: How one Dell Technologies Partner helped their customer make a successful transformation from legacy networks

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The role of IT has changed drastically in recent years. Where the department was once seen as a resource for tech support, today, it plays a much larger role in the strategy of the company, helping to put in place the solutions that empower employees to use technology to drive growth within their enterprise. 
The time is ripe for the modern solution provider who, when outfitted with a global technology leader like Dell Technologies, can expand their capabilities offerings to put in place a strong technology roadmap to achieve digital transformation on behalf of their customers, from existing legacy networks to a cutting-edge model focused on growth and productivity. 
Dell Technologies Partner Program expands capabilities to help customers achieve digital transformation 
Stylus Networks, a telecom equipment provider based out of the UK, works on pursuing new technology on behalf of its clients via fixed network cost for increased profitability. Some of the company’s primary solutions include IT and telecom equipment, cloud connectivity, networking solutions, data centers, and more.
While business is good for Stylus, the company’s co-founder, Raman Sharma, saw an opportunity to make sense of the gap in telcos’ knowledge about how IT will develop; specifically, how to invest in future-proof datacenter solutions. You see, Sharma recognized that there is an opportunity for telcos transitioning from hardware and wired networks to software defined network (SDN) architectures, but that that they also need to maintain their complex, business-as-usual systems. This leaves them with limited availability to investigate replacement technologies and for Sharma, presents an opportunity where Stylus Networks could step in to help. 
Dell’s Partner Program is designed to encourage growth
Sharma chose to partner with Dell Technologies because of the breadth and quality of its products and services portfolio, as it empowered him to capably demonstrate to his customers a clear roadmap for future-proof datacenter solutions.
“Dell Technologies offers a vast product portfolio, competitive pricing, a fair business model, customer centric business practices and a very focused and successful partner team,” Sharma explains. 
Sharma cites additional benefits, including: 
·       Top-notch responsiveness
·       Technology know-how
·       Realistic, transparent pricing
·       A common purpose to provide solutions that meet customers’ existing and future business needs
Huge win proves power of Dell’s Partner Program
The power of Dell’s solutions portfolio helped Stylus win a deal to support the digital transformation of a European mobile operator. This was a huge win for Sharma and his company, especially since Stylus was the European mobile operator’s choice over an alternative cloud provider. He explained that it was the communication of the transformational impact Dell Technologies can provide as being key to securing this deal. 
“The Dell Technologies partner program is amazing,” Sharma says. “The team is fully motivated to win more business and to help us achieve our objectives.”
Faster connectivity means faster growth
Dell Technologies has helped Stylus Networks grow beyond its original objectives and Sharma foresees a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership for the two companies. 
“5G means more storage and data, and faster connectivity within datacenter networking,” Sharma explains. “Dell Technologies provides the roadmap we need to develop our new propositions.”
Looking ahead, Stylus Networks intends to double its customer base in the next few years and to increase coverage in additional countries, including India and the USA. The company also has plans to support growth with a new marketing campaign built around educational materials and events for customers, efforts that Dell will be able to help with via its partner program. 
Learn more about how the Dell Technologies Partner Program can benefit you and your IT solutions program. 
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