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Deliver a premium laptop experience with Dell Technologies Latitude 7330 Ultralight powered by the Intel EVO platform

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Within the Latitude 7000 Series, Dell Technologies is adding the Latitude 7330 Ultralight as a new choice for customers who want a super light laptop with all the intelligence and security of the company’s well-known Latitude line. It will feature a new form factor in the 13” family that will serve as an “ultralight” model targeting 0.967 kg / 2.13 lbs. 
Among the key areas of focus when building the Latitude 7330 Ultralight was to ensure it was not only durable and reliable, but sustainable, too. That’s because Dell recognizes many ultra-light laptops nowadays are built with flimsy parts and lighter material that often do not hold up long-term. With the 7330 laptop, Dell was keen to deliver a high-quality build that the Latitude brand is known for.
What to expect with the Latitude 7330 Ultralight
Dell’s Latitude 7330 Ultralight has all the ports your customers need, including a USB-A, 2 USB-C, HDMI, and audio jack with an FHD ComfortView Plus (Dell’s always-on, hardware-based low blue light) Super Low Power display that provides longer system run time. 
Dell also outfitted the laptop with a 41Whr battery to provide the long battery life that customers appreciate with the greater Latitude brand.
How will your customers benefit from using the Latitude 7330 Ultralight?
The Latitude 7330 Ultralight allows your customers to work more effectively at home and in the office as they enjoy an improved seamless user experience. What’s more, business IT teams can rest assured knowing that the 7330 and EVO meet their expectations in terms of performance, stability, and security. 
What is Intel® Evo™?
Today’s workforce is changing faster than ever. To support the modern needs of today’s customers, Dell Technologies and Intel have partnered to launch products on the Intel® Evo™ platform to support customers anywhere and at any time.
Key technologies that Intel Evo is knowing for:
·       12th Gen - Alder Lake SoC
·       Intel® 802.11ax R2 WiFi 6E1
·       Intel Connectivity Performance Suite2
·       Dynamic Background Noise Suppression
·       ≥FHD camera (on Ultralight model only)3
When coupled with the Latitude 7330 Ultralight laptop, there are several new experiences your customers will enjoy, including: 
·       Even More Responsiveness from Anywhere
·       Longer Battery Life (>10 Hours on FHD)
·       Instant Wake (<1 sec)
·       Fast Charge (4 hrs usage <30min on FHD)
·       Intelligent Collaboration
While most of the above-mentioned experiences are self-explanatory, the intelligent collaboration is worth expounding on. This experience can best be summarized by the following three buckets:
By usages:
• Video call
• Screen sharing
• Live editing
By intelligent features:4
• System-wide features to ensure consistent performance and deliver greater confidence
• Background noise cancellation
• Face framing
• Background replacement 
• ExpressConnect, which automatically joins the strongest access point in the office and directs bandwidth to critical applications, to allow users to be on two networks at once and optimize app performance
By metrics: 
• Responsiveness
• Battery life
Elevate your customers hybrid workforce with the Dell Latitude 7330 Ultralight Laptop
The Latitude 7330 Ultralight laptop, an Intel Evo design will deliver premium experiences that your customers not only want, but what they need to stay competitive, too. This laptop will help empower employee productivity and collaboration, remote manageability and stability for IT, and comprehensive security to keep everyone safe.
Learn more about the benefits of the Dell Latitude 7330 Ultralight Laptop, an Intel Evo design. 
1 WIFI6E (6GHz not supported in all countries)
2 Windows Only
3 Not all designs will have >FHD camera, best designs have Intel IPU6/MIPI
4 Not all imaging effects on all Intel® Evo™systems
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