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Dell Technologies is committed to digital inclusion for all. Are you?

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If you're reading this, then chances are you live in an area of the world where digital technology and internet access are readily available. As such, it’s easy to forget that roughly a third of the world’s population lacks the technology and skills to participate in today’s digital society. It is often difficult for many of us to appreciate that those living with limited access to the internet, devices and digital skills are increasingly disconnected from jobs, education, healthcare, and other basic needs. These issues continue to affect particularly underserved and underrepresented communities. As much as it may seem otherwise, the fact is the digital divide is increasing.
At Dell Technologies they are using technology to drive digital inclusion and ensure that every individual has equitable access to opportunities. By partnering with schools, governments, nonprofits, and private organizations, they are creating an ecosystem committed to providing access to technology, access to digital skill building, and helping communities provide digital services to their community. For example, Dell Technologies works with over 40 nonprofit partners in more than a dozen countries worldwide. Together with their partners, they’ve helped over 288,278,127 million people gain better access to technology and 21st-century skills. Source: FY23 Environmental, Social and Governance Report (
So, how can you and your organization get involved? There are a multitude of ways that you can partner in digital inclusion efforts with Dell Technologies. Below are a few opportunities for you to explore:
Solar Community Hubs are solar powered fixed and mobile internet centers that connect community members to the digital world. Dell is a finalist for CRN's new Company Award for Women of The Channel for their commitment to Solar Community Hubs. As a Partner, you can Sponsor with MDF a hubs, for more info check Solar Community Hubs Partner Info [1]
§  Donate to Solar Community Hubs HERE [1]
Girls Who Game is an extracurricular skill building program created by Dell Technologies with partners Microsoft and Intel.
§  Become a virtual Mentor for GWG program HERE
As a global technology leader, Dell Technologies believes they have an important role to play in driving digital inclusion and building digital equity. It’s why they’ve made a commitment to drive positive impact on the lives of one billion people through digital inclusion by 2030. To achieve this all-important goal, they’re leaning on trusted partners and meeting communities wherever they are in their digital education journey.  
[1] login to the Partner Portal to open these files.
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