It’s become increasingly obvious over the last year or two that the standard support, deployment, and maintenance of infrastructure services is, altogether, simply not important to customers operating in today’s multi-cloud world. In fact, most of the industry has begun to move away from this “standard support” model, if you will, and instead beginning to embrace infrastructure as-a-service. 

So, how can you as a partner, help your customers get set up with a smoother, easier digital transformation? One option is to engage Dell Technologies APEX, a new, flexible consumption-based model designed to allow partners to acquire the IT infrastructure needed to enable their customers’ digital transformations, which can be provided how and whenever needed – as-a-Service.

A closer look at Dell Technologies APEX   


Partners can rely on APEX when selecting an as-a-Service solution for any one of their customer’s needs and deploy trusted, secure solutions rapidly and with reliable outcomes. This, in turn, provides greater time-to-value for the customer, not to mention increased profitability potential for the partner’s business through recurring revenue.    


These services are managed through Dell’s APEX Console. This provides partners with the insights and self-service capabilities they need to enable frictionless commerce and the delivery of a superior customer experience. At the same time, for their customers, this helps simplify their IT management since the offerings are designed to automate lifecycle management and maintenance tasks.

Dell Technologies APEX partners have a clear advantage

For the partner, the benefits of incorporating APEX into their product portfolio are four-fold:

1. Rewards

Partners enjoy the rewards of lucrative financial incentives and benefits, all of which are available as part of the Dell Technologies Partner Program.

2. Flexibility

Partners can take advantage of the flexibility to sell the way customers want to consume and base their solutions on each customer’s specific needs.

3. Enablement

Partners can enable their own success by reviewing dedicated as-a-Service training content and existing ‘Partner of Record’ programs, which can be used to help drive the advantages of this program home.

4. Differentiation

Partners can create or promote their differentiated advantage through the ability to build their own value-added services around the APEX solutions that they deliver, including consultation, data migration, application, or workload specific services, and more.

As-a-service solutions are quickly becoming the choice of customers on how they want to set up their infrastructure. APEX will afford you the opportunity to:

Demonstrate your expertise in delivering against every customer’s specific needs.

Spend more time nurturing customers and exploring new market opportunities.

Help customers align and forecast usage with predictable monthly IT costs.

Simplify your infrastructure services business, accelerate your business outcomes, and provide a consistently positive customer experience with APEX. Do this and you stand to benefit from greater profitability potential and new, recurring revenue streams.

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