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Extensive customer study reveals end user organizations need help at the edge

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According to Dell Technologies’ recent Breakthrough study, 56 percent of workers in end user organizations are fearful of a hyper-connected world. They‘re concerned that they’ll be crushed as the velocity, volume and types of data continue to proliferate. 
These fears reinforce the necessity for every organization to devise a sound strategy to manage and process data everywhere and anywhere that it exists. More importantly, this also requires the need to be able to successfully execute on this strategy. The challenge is that many organizations lack internal people that have the expertise to implement an edge strategy, the conviction to embrace change, and the confidence that they can successfully act on the insights. This is where trusted IT advisors can play a pivotal role.
Dell’s Breakthrough study, based on 10,500 respondents from over 40 countries, uncovered three significant barriers to end users’ ability to implement edge computing. Specifically:
·       52% of IT decision-makers say they might be left behind because they don’t have people with the right skills to shift to a hyper-distributed model.
·       51% of IT decision-makers fear their organization might be left behind because they’ll struggle to adjust their processes to support new technologies. 
·       49% say they might be left behind because they don’t have the right technology to shift to a hyper-distributed model.
Three key things solution providers can focus on to help customers leverage the edge
Introduce modern security to the edge: Distributed applications, data and infrastructure expand customers’ attack surfaces and can create operational inefficiencies that hinder their employees’ ability to innovate. By standardizing on intrinsically secure, trusted, and automated technologies across their environments they can expand the edge faster with greater confidence, control, and visibility.
Consolidate as they expand their edge: As customers expand their data analytics capabilities at the edge, they can eliminate data, management, and operational silos by modernizing their edge technology foundation with consistent hybrid cloud architectures, operations, and management, thus enabling them to scale with ease.
Generate insights when customers need them: With real-time data analysis and processing at the edge, organizations can act faster. Generate insights instantly and support data management, AI, and analytics operations wherever they perform best.  Deliver an infrastructure optimized for AI and data analytics to your customers. 
As a Dell Technologies Partner you can deliver powerful edge computing capabilities with confidence to customers in any industry
In every industry, the edge is where data is connected to actionable value. For retail, the edge is the point of transaction, either in-store or remote. For manufacturing, it’s the assembly line in the customer’s factory. In healthcare, it’s in the ambulance or in the examination room. You get the idea. Regardless of the industry, or edge location, the objective is the same since speed and precision are critical. This is all explained in this episode of The Partner Connection where Cheryl Cook, SVP of Global Partner Marketing talks with Gil Shneorson, SVP of Edge Portfolio and Solutions, Dell Technologies. Together they discuss how edge is evolving today, and how Dell has been helping customers and partners address the opportunity with broad portfolio of edge solutions. It's a unique environment for partners as they describe how partners can get ready, and how Dell is gearing up to help. Here you can listen, learn, and share your thoughts. 
Dell Technologies is committed to helping partners to discover their unique advantage at the edge. As a trusted, end-to-end partner, they can help simplify your edge delivery capabilities so that you can help customers generate more value from their data. Dell Technologies together with its partners can help bring scalable infrastructure and applications closer to where customer data is captured and curated for intelligent use. 
Find out more about how Dell Technologies can help partners architect their customer’s edge for maximum efficiency and embed resilience and security throughout the enterprise by visiting here.



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