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Important Trends, Perspectives and Analysis for Solution Providers and Integrators

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Organizations around the world are scrambling to become more digital to modernize operations and foster innovation. The clear preference is for a multi cloud approach, as business and IT leaders want the flexibility to choose the right path to best meet their objectives. Therefore, we’re seeing the mixed use of private cloud, public cloud, and on-premises infrastructure.
Customers have indicated that they use on-prem private cloud for risk mitigation, fast performance, and cost containment. At this same time, they are turning to the public cloud for simplified operations and increased agility. These are important drivers for accelerating innovation, which is a primary reason for its popularity.
What’s abundantly clear is that both private cloud and public cloud have their strengths, yet there are tradeoffs. And customers have said that they want a solution that offers the best of what public and private cloud each can bring to the table. 
Dell now provides partners with the products, solutions, and offers to help customers get the best of both. This is especially true for customers who want to incorporate on-premises infrastructure into their multi-cloud strategy. For these customers Dell offers DevOps-ready platforms.
New product validations and Dell Developer Portal help partners support shared customers
DevOps-ready platforms enable customers to run hyper-scaler-specific development stacks on Dell Technologies hyperconverged infrastructure and storage platforms to deliver container orchestration on intelligent, automated infrastructure. Your customer’s existing VxRail, PowerFlex, Integrated System for Azure Stack HCI, and PowerStore already have the capability to add these stacks to their existing environment. The kicker here is that they don’t have to buy anything new. 
Together DevOps-ready platforms running the hyper-scaler stacks accelerate ITs ability to provide infrastructure-as-code and empower their DevOps teams to be the innovation engine for their businesses. They provide seamless connectivity to public clouds enabling portability and orchestration of containerized applications to accelerate developer productivity. These multi-cloud deployments ensure organizations can more effectively control resource costs and ensure adherence to corporate governance mandates, all while maintaining the flexibility of cloud operations on premises. 
The advanced automation and integration that Dell can deliver with their DevOps-ready platforms make it much easier for DevOps teams to not have to care about the infrastructure. IT teams get the benefits of running their container orchestration platforms on-premises, while DevOps can move forward with the agility they need to develop apps rapidly and without compromise.
DevOps-ready platforms support every major hyper-scaler and container orchestration platform on the market, including Amazon EKS-Anywhere, Google Anthos, Microsoft AKS on Azure Stack HCI, Red Hat OpenShift, Suse Rancher, VMware Tanzu and Mirantis. 
Dell offers the industry’s most unique solution to partners for growing their as-a-service business
Dell’s DevOps-ready platforms deliver intelligent, automated, on-premises infrastructure that helps customers:
Control IT data and costs by simplifying and optimizing K8’s deployments and App Dev processes. This enables them to control data privacy, resource costs, and adhere to corporate governance mandates. 
Simplify cloud operations with flexibility to run multiple container orchestration platforms on a single DevOps-ready platform for their application modernization journey. This means they can seamlessly adopt multi-cloud container orchestration platforms and eliminate shadow IT.
Accelerate innovation by allowing customers to rapidly provision compute and storage resources and provide infrastructure-as-code while effortlessly automating DevOps processes, empowering developers to become an innovation engine for their business.
Best yet, partners can enjoy DevOps validation for popular Dell products - PowerStore, PowerFlex, and VxRail – all which partners are familiar with.
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