This is part one of a three-part series that focuses on how to put edge computing technologies to work in the manufacturing industry

Eliminating the constraints of what can be termed ‘accidental architectures’ enables manufacturing enterprises to advance their transformational applications efficiently and effectively into production. These applications can then be deployed repeatably across the modern factory as well as all around the world. Forward thinking manufacturing organizations must look beyond today’s proof-of-concept use cases, to all the real-world solutions they need to implement to become future-proof. The manufacturing team must collaborate with their IT team, so that they can deliver the architectures and infrastructure required to handle the expanding number and sophistication of these use cases over time. With enterprise-grade, IT- and OT-friendly edge computing and 5G infrastructure, smart manufacturing initiatives can be planned, implemented, evaluated, and scaled out in a far more agile and strategic way.

How new edge technologies enable smarter factories 

Manufacturers can move more quickly along their transformation journey by enabling analytics and intelligence on new edge infrastructure. This helps them first and foremost to extend and accelerate the results of proof-of-concept initiatives by providing a scalable, repeatable platform for intelligent applications, while simultaneously reducing the risk of creating “accidental architectures”. In addition, it will deliver real time insights so the workforce can be safer and more productive.

The reality is that these new edge computing technologies make this journey possible with infrastructure that enables consolidation, modern security, and insights where they’re needed. Customers can consolidate workloads and infrastructure as edge devices and data increase in volume, to reduce hardware and data silo proliferation and associated management challenges. They also can generate immediate, valuable insights wherever they need them, all the while knowing that they’ve got modern security at the edge.

Dell is your preferred partner for your customers’ end-to-end edge computing needs

Dell Technologies is committed to helping partners discover their unique advantage at the edge. As a trusted partner and end-to-end technology provider, Dell can help simplify your edge delivery capabilities so that you can help your customers generate more value from their data. Dell Technologies together with its partners can help bring scalable infrastructure and applications closer to where customer data is captured and curated for intelligent use. 

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Stay tuned for part two of this series where we focus on how edge computing helps customers in the retail industry.


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