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Help your customers see ahead and stay ahead with ProSupport Suite for PCs

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It’s a question every modern enterprise is facing these days: How can we extend our IT support to resolve all the issues we’re faced with – and do so in less time – without exhausting our IT team? 
While the answer might seem complicated, especially with the amount of data and opportunities at the edge increasing by the day, Dell Technologies has addressed this issue with the many updates it has introduced to its ProSupport Suite for PCs, empowering partners with the ability to more easily help their customers customize and automate how they manage their employee devices. 
Delivering modern, world-class support
It can be difficult maintaining pace with all the many technological advancements being made of late. Here, Dell ProSupport Suite for PCs allows partners to instantly improve upon the level of support they’re able to provide customers by delivering modern, intelligent PC management. 
Taking a closer look, ProSupport Suite for PCs empowers partners to: 
Gauge the health of multiple customers’ fleets and remotely resolve issues.
Root cause issues and remotely apply solutions to individual PCs or across an entire Dell fleet.
Optimize devices based on AI-driven performance trends.
Improve their customers’ employee experience by identifying / resolving issues before they develop.
Automate the way IT is delivered with customized rules.
Your customers will expect this level of support
Reports suggest that over the next few years, more than two-thirds of companies plan to increase their investment in a remote workforce. That means there is a tremendous opportunity right now to put into place the modern, high-quality services and solutions they will need in the coming years to not only make this transition, but also support this new workforce. 
Potential customers include companies that… 
- need more than the average hardware warranty, including coverage for accidents;
- already have a remote workforce and rely upon AI-driven support to remain productive; and
- are searching for a more efficient process to resolve issues remotely. 
Begin growing your business with ProSupport Suite for PCs
While ProSupport Suite for PCs is designed to support companies with their day-to-day IT operations, partners can grow their business by a good deal through engaging with Dell Technologies: 
- Earn rebates and tier attainment
ProSupport Suite for PCs offers partners services rebates, contributes to tier attainment, and affords partners the opportunity to qualify for the labor reimbursement program. 
- Anticipate resale opportunities
Partners are empowered with the ability to easily track warranty expirations information that can then be used to anticipate PC resell opportunities in their customized dashboard
- Take their help desk to the next level 
Partners can leverage TechDirect to view and manage health, application experience and security scores. This platform allows partners to take action across multiple customer fleets, all from a single portal. To benefit from all the rich features in ProSupport, partners must deploy SupportAssist and manage the customer’s fleet in TechDirect. SupportAssist is the connectivity technology that allows the partner to view all the data in TechDirect.
ProSupport Suite for PCs is built on an adaptive, AI-driven, constantly-on foundation, one that takes today's realities and future customer needs into consideration and empowers partners to meet – and exceed – their customers’ expectations. 
Get started with ProSupport Suite for PCs today. 
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