Dell Technologies has just released its first data management product, the Dell Data Lakehouse. It’s designed to help your customers eliminate data silos, accelerate insights and democratize data for analytics and AI with one simple platform.
Suppose your customers are wondering what a data lakehouse is. In that case, you can tell them it combines the scalability and cost-efficiency of a data lake with the performance and control of a data warehouse. The Dell Data Lakehouse takes the concept a step further by providing a single point of access to all data across the enterprise, in any location, whether inside or outside the lakehouse.
A timely solution
Modern organizations are struggling with data. According to a survey by Gartner, data practitioners spend 80% of their time wrangling their data, instead of innovating with it[1]. Why? Because 70% of data warehouses and data lakes are siloed and disconnected across public and private clouds. That makes data access costly, limited and unscalable.
Helping your customers solve this common issue is also a winning strategy for your business. Organizations are seeking products and solutions to recalibrate their infrastructure to meet the complex needs of AI, GenAI, ML and BI workloads. Providing those solutions positions you as an innovative consultive partner who can offer practical solutions.
Step into the lakehouse
The new Dell Data Lakehouse solves your customers’ data-related issues so they can innovate and accelerate AI outcomes.
-     Eliminate data silos: Secure federated querying powered by Starburst accelerates time to insights.
-     Take control of data: Data Lakehouse is open-format-driven and future ready with modern industry standards and built-in data security and governance.
-     Accelerate insights: Separating compute and storage at scale helps your customers achieve peak performance levels, optimal efficiency and scalability.
-     Democratize analytics and AI: Help your customers foster a culture of collaboration and exploration by offering them self-service access to data products with integrations into a wide ecosystem.
-     One simple platform: With Data Lakehouse, your customers can streamline data operations and reduce complexity.
You can learn more about Dell Technology’s new Data Lakehouse platform by reading Accelerating AI with an Open, Modern Data Lakehouse on the Dell Technologies Blog. You can also download a new infographic called Accelerate AI With An Open, Modern Data Lakehouse.
[1] Gartner Survey Analysis: ‘Data Management Struggles to Balance Innovation and Control.’ Mar 19, 2020

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