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How Dell Technologies is helping partners with a Digital First approach

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Ever since March of 2020, the business world has had to adapt to an entirely new paradigm for conducting day-to-day operations.  Every enterprise in every industry has had to adjust from the normal course of doing business with an in-person touch, to one of a digital dynamic.
Dell Technologies and their partners were not spared from having to employ this new virtual model. Both have had to adapt new ways in which to engage with customers, identify new buyers, and access new prospects to fill the sales funnel - all online. By all indications this trend is poised to continue, as buyers are making decisions through self-education gleaned from digital and other online channels.
Another trend that we see no retreat from is the ‘Consumerization’ of IT. Now more than ever, Solution Providers need to create an online, robust experience for their customers and prospects. They need to read buyers’ digital body language and meet customers where they are – online. By leaning into these technologies to provide a personalized buying experience the likelihood of building a one-to one marketing relationship is greatly increased.
Paving the way for Solution Providers with modern tools and techniques
Dell Technologies is providing partners with access to resources and skills development to help them not only survive but thrive in this new paradigm. Dell understands that partners have the expertise and know-how to help shared customers drive digital transformation. As such, Dell has gone to great lengths to empower and enable them to adapt to these new selling and marketing techniques more easily, so that partners can in turn focus on what they do best.
Dell’s Partner Portal provides partners with the digital marketing and selling tools, training, and content to meet their buyers where they are – online. 
Highlighting a few resources:
Digital events playbook and toolkit – a step-by-step guide to building and hosting virtual events
Bruce Stuart Market Recovery Webcast Series on the Partner Academy - details how partner companies should respond to changing customer needs, how to explore and assess different business models, and how to build recurring revenue with installed and prospective customers
Virtual Executive Briefing Program (EBP) - the ultimate sales call. One-to-one customized engagements that build relationships, uncover opportunities, shorten sales cycles and increase 
Digital Marketing Tool - key strategic content to help with campaign needs
Concierge Agency Marketplace - a list of agencies ready and enabled to help
The Partner Academy - Partners have access to the APEX Learning Center where they can learn strategies, positioning and resources for Selling-as-a-Service offerings
These are just a few of the ways in which Dell Technologies is enabling and supporting their partners in their go-to-market efforts. 
To learn more, visit the Dell Technologies Partner Portal here
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