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How Dell Trusted Infrastructure can help secure customers’ enterprises and grow your services revenues

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Having a cyber resiliency strategy is becoming increasingly more important for every enterprise today. In fact, it is also rapidly becoming a competitive advantage in today’s data-driven, information-intense economy. Add to this the distributed data world, hybrid work models, multi-cloud environments, and as-a-service sourcing, and customers have more reason to take cyber resiliency more seriously now than ever before.

Today’s digitally transformed customer needs a simplified, scalable, intelligent approach to keep pace and stay protected. They need to have confidence in the end-to-end security of their enterprise network. In today’s complex digitally driven world customers are reticent to go it alone. As such, they need the guidance of a trusted partner who understands the importance of security across the entire enterprise.

Dell Trusted Infrastructure was designed purposely with this idea in mind. Dell Technologies helps you to help customers implement a Zero Trust architecture by embedding security capabilities across their entire enterprise-wide line of storage, servers, hyperconverged, networking and data protection solutions. Whether at the edge, on-premises or across multiple cloud providers, you can arm customers with the ability to combat cyber threats to their organization’s critical systems, applications, and data — all from a single provider.

A quick peek at the Dell Technologies enterprise product lineup offers evidence of their comprehensive approach to security. Specifically:

Dell Storage: Now you and your customers can rest assured that their data is secure, protected, and available. Why is this? Because Dell storage solutions are designed with threat intelligence and cyber resiliency built-in to safeguard valuable data from cyberattacks. AI-powered tools detect patterns in data access that indicate a compromise, and security alerts are integrated with upstream security platforms with API-based automation. 

Dell Hyperconverged Infrastructure: With Dell HCI, you have an agile infrastructure with full stack integrity and comprehensive lifecycle management that accelerate operational efficiencies and reduce risk. This way customers can focus on their business, not worrying about cybersecurity. 

Dell Servers: These servers address today’s ever-evolving threat landscape with a Cyber Resilient Architecture that provides adaptive security controls, features, and solutions. Dell servers are more cyberresilient than ever as they have built-in security at every product lifecycle phase.  Other security features include self-encrypting drives, end-to-end boot verification and anchoring security with a silicon-based Root of Trust.

Dell Data Protection: Your customers can readily secure data across core, edge and multi-cloud environments with solutions that best fit their infrastructure and IT needs. With your guidance, they can simplify and automate operations at scale with industry-proven, modern, intelligent data protection. Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution employs a full suite of integrated offerings and management tools that can isolate critical data, identify suspicious activity, and accelerate automated data recovery. With Dell Data Protection, customers can quickly and easily resume their business as usual.

Dell Networking: Help customers strengthen their security with multiple layers of defense in hardware and software across the enterprise from the core to the edge, and all along the network. Customers can leverage rules and best practice configurations designed to protect their network assets’ integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility. Each security layer implements policies and controls, including network segmentation, centralized management, automation, and scalability. 

Dell CloudIQ: CloudIQ enables customers to keep infrastructure safe by providing proactive cybersecurity assessments and fast remediation. Now customers can be more responsive due to proactive security notifications right within the application that administrators use to manage infrastructure health, capacity, and performance. Proactive monitoring and predictive analytics use both human intelligence and machine intelligence to deliver insights that ensure that your customers’ IT infrastructure has 100 percent availability to meet business demands.  

Where can you go to learn more about how Dell Trusted Infrastructure can help you accelerate your services revenues? Visit here for more information on how to get started.

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