Dell Technologies continues to push for progress by putting its talent, expertise, global reach, and depth and breadth of its technology capabilities to work to benefit society at large. 

This forward-thinking mentality is the foundation upon which the company’s “Progress Made Real” campaign is established — a social impact plan that was created with the goal of creating a positive and lasting impact on humankind and the planet by 2030 and beyond.

There are four pillars to “Progress Made Real”: Advancing Sustainability, Cultivating Inclusion, Transforming Lives, and Upholding Ethics and Privacy. This blog series will focus on each one of these pillars. You can read Part 1 of this series, which focuses on Advancing Sustainability

Part 2: Cultivating Inclusion

Dell Technologies recognizes that diversity of thought and experiences helps promote innovation and supports the company’s purpose to create technology and solutions that drive human progress. As such, Dell remains unwavering in its commitment to equality, trust, and advocacy for one another. 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion serve as a business imperative that enables Dell to build and empower a future workforce while simultaneously addressing societal changes. Establishing the idea of “cultivating inclusion” as a key pillar in the “Progress Made Real” campaign reflects the company’s view that this practice will ultimately allow it to meet future talent needs, incorporate team members’ perspectives, reflect Dell’s global customer base, and uphold ethics and integrity as it relates to the company’s commitment to equal employment opportunities for all. 

Cultivating Inclusion Moonshot Goals

Each year through 2030, Dell will work to achieve the following: 

25% of the company’s U.S. workforce and 15% of its U.S. people leaders will be Black/African American and Hispanic/Latino minorities

90% of employees will rate their job as meaningful

50% of employees will participate in Employee Resource Groups to drive social impact

75% of employees will believe their leader is inspiring

95% of employees will participate in annual foundational learning on key topics that include unconscious bias, harassment, microaggression and privilege

50% of the people empowered by their social and education initiatives will be those who identify as girls, women, or underrepresented groups

Learn more about Dell’s efforts in Cultivating Inclusion

Next up is part 3 of this series: Transforming Lives. 

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