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Important Trends, Perspectives and Analysis for Solution Providers and Integrators

How to help your customers embrace the future of work

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The future of work has been greatly accelerated. To keep up with the changing work environment, solution providers are expected to deliver a modernized user experience designed to give their customers a distinct competitive advantage.  

Bridging the divide between yesterday’s in-office work environment and tomorrow’s completely remote, digital workspace is the concept of hybrid work, which takes the best of both environments to allow for seamless movement between locations and devices to not only deliver greater efficiencies, but also attract – and retain – today’s best talent. 

As a result, employers must now accommodate for the flexibility, productivity, and security differences that accompany this new way of working. And to do this quickly, these enterprises are turning to the solution provider, with the task of helping to streamline their current IT solutions to allow users to work from anywhere.

The time is now

While the above-described concept of hybrid work might sound like conjecture, the numbers below indicate now is the time to have this conversation with your customers: 

·       61% of employees want a combination of office and remote work.1

·       86% of organizations are still struggling to empower employees to work remotely.2

·       80% of respondents indicated that having a remote workforce represents a competitive advantage.3

When it comes to hybrid work, Dell Technologies can help you deliver breakthrough value

Accelerate hybrid work breakthroughs 

When you work with Dell Technologies, you’ll get the support needed to offer a more personalized and optimized workspace experience. Dell can help you transform how your customers deploy, manage, secure, and proactively support their users with innovative and flexible solutions that ensure IT is empowered to enable it all.

Protecting distributed data and device breakthroughs 

Dell’s modern security posture – from its cutting-edge security solutions to its security-first commercial PCs – has been designed to strengthen your customers’ answer to the evolving vulnerabilities unique to hybrid work.

Enabling intelligent user experience breakthroughs 

From responsibly designed technologies that empower end-users to AI-powered productivity and intelligent collaboration from day one, Dell can help provide your customers with plenty of user-experience benefits that will keep them coming back for more.

Innovative, flexible solutions that transform how you deploy, manage, and support your customers 

Help your customers strengthen their security posture across their environment with the capability to detect, protect, and respond to advanced threats with solutions like Dell Trusted Devices and Dell Technologies Managed Detection and Response.

Additionally, users will enjoy their ability to fully engage while intelligent devices, collaboration solutions, and data work in the background. This helps personalize experiences for meaningful work: Dell Commercial PC’s, Displays and Peripherals, Dell Optimizer, Workforce Persona Services, Employee Experience Measurement Services, Sustainability – these are all just a few examples of how Dell can help you and your customers.

Show your commitment to progressive partnerships

Partnering with Dell Technologies is a progressive choice. By aligning your business with Dell, you are showing your customers you are committed to environmental, social, and ethical responsibility. Just look at Dell’s 2030 Moonshot Goals:

·       By 2030, for every product a customer buys we will reuse or recycle an equivalent product.

·       100% of our packaging will be made from recycled or renewable material.

·       More than half of their product content will be made from recycled or renewable material.

Get started today with the Dell Technologies Advantage

The Dell Technologies Advantage gives you the partnerships, technologies, and end-to-end simplicity you need to serve all your customers, wherever they are in their digital transformation. More importantly, though, it prepares you for the future of work, where solution providers will be expected to deliver a modernized user experience designed to give their customers a distinct competitive advantage.

Learn more about the Future of Work and how the Dell Technologies Advantage can help you succeed today, tomorrow, and well in to the future

1 Forrester: Hot Desks Or Ice-Cold Employee Experiences / Hoteling Solutions Can Drive Anywhere-Work Benefits — But Only If Done Right, 2021. 

2 Vanson Bourne: Hybrid Work Survey, July 2021. 

3 Vanson Bourne: Employee Experience Survey, July 2020.

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