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How to Reveal the Full Potential of Your Customers’ Data

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Nowadays, data is everywhere. And with this abundance of information comes tremendous promise. Your customers are likely using just a fraction of it to create meaningful business value, though. Learn how Dell Technologies can give you the solutions you need to help your customers discover, curate, and activate their data.
Illuminate the full potential of your customers’ data
As the volume of data increases, so too does the spectrum of useful data. Along with structured data, many organizations capture unstructured and semi-structured data, too. This includes videos and correspondence, for example, from edge devices in places like stores, factories, banks, hospitals, and highways. Unfortunately, though, much of this data remains unused. Widening the spectrum of captured data enables you to tap into hidden potential, so your customers’ data can do more for you, and you can do more with your customers’ data.
Dell Technologies has the solutions to help you identify and synchronize trusted data from relevant sources across their entire data estate. This is first achieved by adopting a modern infrastructure that spans and connects hybrid clouds with appropriate security and governance, thereby enabling data to flow unimpeded throughout the organization. Once this is set up, Dell’s solutions can then help you extract intelligence from that data to generate insights and automate processes and services on behalf of your customers. 
When you help your customers realize the true potential of their data, you can then help them improve their internal operations as well as supplier and customer satisfaction. 
Data discovery solutions
As your customers’ applications and data flows become more complex, performance and throughput combined with management simplicity are essential. The following are some of the tools that Dell has to offer which can be used to help support your customers’ data ecosystems:
Dell EMC PowerEdge servers: Provide maximum performance for a diverse set of workloads with a cloud operating model that spans on-premises, off-premises, and the edge.
Dell EMC PowerSwitch: The fabric that supports the volume, speed, and distance demands of complex data flows.
Dell EMC PowerMax and PowerStore: Delivers the storage scalability, intelligence, and cloud integration you need to unlock the value of your customers’ data and accelerate critical workloads across multiple clouds.
Dell EMC PowerScale: Helps you manage the growth of your customers’ unstructured data with flexible storage that efficiently consolidates a wide range of file and object storage workloads at any scale.
Dell EMC Streaming Data Platform: Ingests all data, regardless of source or type, into one engine and transforms it into unified streams for easy implementation, management, security, scalability, and application development.
Dell EMC VxRail hyper-converged infrastructure: Hybrid cloud–enabled, scale-out, and software-defined to help your customers run complex workloads with ease and agility, scale as needed, and operate more efficiently.
Dell Technologies Cloud Storage for Multi-cloud: Gives your customers the benefits of enterprise-grade data security, performance, capacity, replication, and availability in the public clouds of their choice. 
How to uncover and consolidate data
As the data estate expands, many organizations struggle to locate data that’s coming into the enterprise from hybrid clouds on-premises, off-premises and in edge environments, and being swept into multiple systems that often serve as silos. 
Dell Technologies and its global network of consultative specialists and partners can help you and your customers:
Discover: Locate and refine data from across your customers’ entire data estate.
Curate: Store, protect, prepare, and govern data where it exists. 
Activate: Realize data-driven insights to drive better business outcomes. 
This holistic approach to the data-to-insight lifecycle enables you to substantially improve the volume, type, and quality of data that your customers ingest, prepare, and analyze. And this is done in a consistent way across hybrid clouds on-premises, off-premises and at the edge.
Your customers’ data can help you, and Dell can help you with your customers’ data 
Learn more about how to reveal the full potential of your customers’ data by checking out this video.
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