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Important Trends, Perspectives and Analysis for Solution Providers and Integrators

How you can help customers optimize IT spend with quick access to infrastructure, workload, and cloud pricing data

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The Covid-19 pandemic has forever changed the world over the last two years. While the general population struggles with questions surrounding when to socially distance, wear a mask, etc., businesses are struggling with questions around when to update devices, infrastructure, etc.
Indeed, projects that were intended to be completed this year have been tabled as IT managers and CIOs alike look for reasons to justify increased spending, especially as it relates to updating their critical infrastructure. 
To this end, Dell Technologies provides partners with the tools necessary to help convince their customers that certain infrastructure projects should be invested in. One such tool is Live Optics. 
What is Live Optics?
At a high level, Live Optics is a no-cost, lightweight software that Dell provides to its partners that allows for analysis and transparency into a customer's IT infrastructure. And it does this in hours instead of weeks. This unique ability to quickly see information about workloads is key to helping resellers provide supremely accurate, cost-effective solution recommendations to their end customer.
For the customer, Live Optics ensures that they’re able to see any shortcomings or bottlenecks of their current environments, and then pay only for what they need to address these issues.
Live Optics eliminates surprises and allows customers to re-focus on workload optimization. What’s more, shifting to a data-driven purchasing model ensures that customers save money in their IT procurement, and allows them to clearly define measurable goals.
Live Optics Key Features
The ability for Live Optics to provide a clear, comprehensive view of a customer’s IT infrastructure is due to these key features: 
Optical Prime
- A digital discovery collector that captures performance, software, OS distribution, VM characteristics, and basic vendor data.
- Collection details include different operating systems, CPU description and usage rates, Read and Write IOPS, VMware Virtual memory settings, and more.
- Provides insights into unstructured data by using rapid file characterization and reporting management.
- Reporting data pretrains to data capacity utilization, deduplication effectiveness, compression reduction percentage, and archiving.
Storage Array Profiles
- Provides the usage of a specific hardware asset and sends this information to the Live Optics portal for analysis. The results of this analysis are displayed in a project.
Data Protection Profiles
- Provides detailed configuration and usage information for backup software applications and appliances.
Get started with Live Optics
Purchasing decisions based on data from individual storage, data protection, server and file systems can lead to overspending. To optimize your customer’s infrastructure, you need to understand how multiple workloads impact each other in a shared environment over time. 
Live Optics provides the transparency needed to empower you to accurately see and diagnose your customer’s unique IT needs and, in turn, deliver the best possible business outcomes. 
Learn more and activate.
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