While Dell Technologies may have started with computers, it certainly didn’t stop with them. Today, the company covers everything from cloud storage to augmented reality, robotics, and more. Dell Technologies takes pride in its portfolio of end-to-end solutions and wants to work with you to ensure your customers are ready for what’s next.

By taking advantage of a partnership with Dell Technologies, you can unlock plenty of revenue and growth opportunities, while also helping your customers achieve more, in less time, and with less effort. 

Dell’s dedicated marketing and sales resources can be used to provide customers with a comprehensive understanding of the company’s wide range of IT solutions, services that complement your specialty, and flexible payment solutions to help accelerate business outcomes. 

To begin, we recommend you focus on the following two questions as they will help ensure you not only deliver the right content that addresses the customer’s need but is also focused on the right point of their journey to enhanced IT solutions, thereby meeting your marketing objective. 

Question 1: What customer needs are you trying to address with your marketing initiatives?

The first thing you need to do is determine which of Dell Technologies campaigns best support your customer’s requirements. Are you looking to:

Support and influence end user’s online education and research? Here, you should augment your thought leadership content with Dell Technologies Stop at Nothing campaign content to intrigue and guide potential future customer’s online content consumption experience. 

Address customer needs around Greater IT choice and flexibility + consistency across multi-cloud environments? Well, in this instance, you’ll want to supplement your content with 3rd party research available from Dell Technologies Flexible IT campaign. 

Help customers looking to access “anywhere” IT that meets their hybrid workplace needs? Then you’ll want to use the Dell Technologies Work and Learn from Anywhere campaign content to support your offering.

Question 2: What is your objective in providing these materials to your customer?

To maximize the ROI from your marketing you next need to determine which content is right for your campaign by determining your objective. 

Build Awareness: These materials, available in Dell Technologies Stop at Nothing campaign will give you everything you need to properly execute customer acquisition and engagement activities which, in turn, will lead to converting end-customer engagement interest and thus, future pipeline opportunities. 

Drive Engagement: with digital content such as infographics, videos, and social content to attract prospects to want to consume your content and empower you to fully demonstrate the importance of not only embracing a data-centric future, but also having a partner capable of reimaging IT as an essential part to future innovation.   This content can be used to add cost effective independent credibility to your marketing materials.

Drive Demand with analyst papers and research which can added to your content syndication and other online lead gen initiatives helping you to acquire new and prospect digital leads which you can take into a nurture program for further qualification.

Generate pipeline with Dell Technologies Stop at Nothing Event Kit: This turnkey package of content allows you to update assets and replicate your own podcasts, virtual or live events.


Dell Technologies has plenty of curated, tried-and-tested marketing content to help meet prospect and customer requirement and is ready to help you deliver a message that focuses your customer on what’s next with complete, end-to-end support that is adaptable and scalable, from edge to core to cloud. 

Ready to get started? Visit the Dell Technologies Stop at Nothing page to learn more. 

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