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New Dell APEX Compute Offers A Smarter Way To Leverage Bare Metal Resources

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Dell Technologies recently launched Dell APEX Compute, a bare metal subscription offering that gives your customers greater power and flexibility without the challenge of infrastructure ownership. It’s a solution ideally suited to address your customers’ demanding workloads, including VDI, high-density virtualization, big data analytics and AI/ML.

Dell APEX Compute is paid via a monthly subscription, with 3-5 year terms available. The subscription model allows your customers to take control of costs with a predictable and centralized IT spend.

The new APEX offer is great news for your business, too. As a Dell Partner, you can leverage Dell APEX Compute to add value-added services. That includes consulting services, deployment, cloud automation, data migration, app modernization, and managed services, to name just a few.

Flexible, scalable and secure

Dell APEX Compute offers four purpose-built node types powered by Dell PowerEdge servers: 

-     Compute optimized for mainstream web servers and media encoding servers

-     General purpose for low- to medium-traffic web servers

-     Memory optimized for midsize in-memory databases and smaller enterprise Java applications

-     Large-scale memory optimized for data mining and high-performance relational databases

These can be deployed to on-premises data centers, edge locations or your customer’s preferred colocation partner. Once deployed, they can utilize Dell APEX Compute infrastructure for a wide range of applications. For instance, the platform can be tasked to address workloads that require direct access to bare metal infrastructure, legacy workloads not supported in virtual environments, and situations in which your customers want to use their own hypervisor. 

For customers concerned with scalability, you can assure them that the offer is designed to expand as their business grows. The flexible subscription model enables organizations to pay for only what they need and easily scale as their IT requirements evolve.

Security is built-in, too. With APEX Compute, security is integrated into every phase of the lifecycle, including protected supply chain, factory-to-site cryptographic integrity assurance and continuous monitoring. It’s a platform that empowers your customers to accelerate their adoption of Zero Trust principles for added peace of mind.

To learn more about how you can leverage Dell APEX Compute to help your customers increase flexibility and lower costs, visit the Dell Partner Program website today.

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