Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work, online presences, and digital services have a become a necessity for enterprises to continue operations. For organizations that were slow to embrace digital transformation, maintaining operations was painful, and the benefits of digital transformation became acutely obvious.

Crises such as that which we have all experienced in the last few years tend to accelerate innovation. Here, solution providers play a significant role in helping customers address their business issues to be better positioned in the future.

Addressing new customer demands in an increasingly digital world

Solution providers must become a trusted digital advisor to their customers to help with navigating the increased complexity of the modern work environment. For most, this requires an evolution, if you will, to better meet new customer needs, provide technologies and services, speak in customer language, and deliver solutions it in the ways that customers want to consume and pay.

Key customer trends in the modern work environment:

·       Customers want business value/outcomes

·       Customers what solution providers that help advance their competitiveness and innovation

·       Technology is central to business innovation and competitiveness

·       Customers want customization for less money 

·       Proven value with KPI tracking & reporting

For the solution provider, it takes a lot of effort to build complete solutions, including required services, so the mindset must evolve from DIY to instead becoming one that is squarely focused on building the very best customer-focused ecosystem of trusted partnerships (with vendors and other specialist partners).

Become a solution provider of the future

Over the next number of years, it’s not going to be enough to have skills in technologies because customers are going to want to work with solution providers that can help build new digital services and products. This can wind up being more of a co-creation process in leveraging technology to build new digital capabilities. That said, the borders between different partner types will likely continue to blur, and you’ll likely find yourself doing many other things, including recurring services and software development.

Expected changes to the solution provider model: 

·       Specialize to create market specific use cases

·       Differentiation comes from specialized IP

·       To meet “cheaper” and “proven” demands, solution providers must leverage off the shelf products

·       Develop own IP to create/contribute to “bespoke” solutions

·       Deploy new/custom technologies

What’s more, as your customers modernize and digitally transform, IT projects will become more iterative – solution providers will have to be very close to customers to be part of that continuous transformation process. And you will be judged on the entire customer experience, every touch point in the lifecycle.

Dell Technologies offers an enhanced partner experience to help

Over the past four years, Dell has been evolving its Partner Program to get ready for this moment. Everything from training, sales motion, etc., has all been updated to make things easier and better for the company’s partners, and create a holistic partner ecosystem.  

For example, Dell has worked to:

  •   Drive a frictionless quoting experience
  •   Address demand generation — looking at whitespace and working together to win new customers
  •   Refresh technology process enhancements
  •   Update its partner program incentives tool

Looking ahead, Dell plans to further grow the program in the following ways: 

·       Focus on building a connected eco-system of partners

·       Focus on partner experiences

·       Focus away from product and more towards solutions

·       Focus on training and competencies

To stay competitive, solution providers should embrace Dell Technologies enhanced partner experience and offerings/ resources. This will help their customers to: 

·       Better focus on customers’ needs and help them through the transformation journey

·       Embrace new technologies and solutions

·       Empower their workforce

And for the solution provider, this can help open more pathways to growth.

Learn more about how Dell Technologies has enhanced its Partner Program. 



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