Having a cyber resiliency strategy is increasingly business-critical for all enterprises. In fact, it can be seen as a competitive advantage in today’s data-driven world. 


Indeed, distributed data, hybrid work models, multi-cloud environments, and as-a-service sourcing are changing almost everything the modern solution provider knows about cybersecurity. Today’s customer needs a simplified, scalable, intelligent approach to keep pace and stay protected. They need confidence in the end-to-end security of their solutions – and the guidance of a trusted partner who understands the importance of security across the entire enterprise, plus access to the people, technology, and processes needed to build their breakthrough.


The numbers don’t lie: 

·       50% of all enterprise-generated data will be created and processed at the edge by the year 2023.1 

·       Growth in cybercrime is predicted to put US$10.5 trillion of global value at risk by 2025.2 

·       67% of organizations are not confident in their ability to recover in the event of a destructive cyberattack.3 

·       58% of ITDMs feel uncomfortable about their current security provisions and policies.3 

·       64% of organizations are concerned they will experience a disruptive event within the next year.3 

·       74% of organizations feel their exposure to data loss has increased with the growth of remote working.3 

·       82% of organizations say they would prefer to work with a vendor that offers multiple as-a-Service offers to simplify data protection.3 


What can you do to help your customers with their cyber resiliency strategy?

Protecting your customers starts with protecting their data and applications. Cyberattacks threaten every market and the impact of being unable to recover critical data and resume business operations after an attack can be devastating. The reality is that no business or organization is immune. Attackers target businesses of all sizes and across all industries.


Enhance your customers’ cyber resiliency by offering a logic gapped vault with data isolation and immutability for vital data and applications. This helps you lessen the impact of cyberattacks and provides instant support in rapidly resuming operations in the event of any disruption. Additionally, you can enhance a cyber resiliency strategy with intelligent software-defined solutions that help your customers lessen the impact of cyberattacks and resume operations rapidly in the event of any disruption. 


Dell Technologies can help you quickly and effectively implement a cyber resiliency strategy with its portfolio of security solutions:  

·       Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

·       Dell PowerScale

·       Dell PowerProtect4

·       Dell Technologies APEX Cyber Recovery Services

·       Dell Technologies Cybersecurity Services

·       Dell PowerEdge with Dell OpenManage

·       Dell Technologies Business Resiliency Services

·       Dell Technologies Application Continuity

·       Dell Technologies Incident Response and Recovery

·       Dell Technologies ProConsult Advisory Services

·       Dell Technologies Cyber Protection and Ransomware for Dell Powerscale (for unstructured data)


Together with Dell, you can help your customers to drive digital transformations with the confidence that their data, applications, and systems are secure. What’s more, they can rest assured knowing that they can recover quickly in the event of a security breach or cyberattack, and that they can easily scale their security with agile automation and intelligence as their compute environment grows.


Knowledge is cybersecurity power. Learn more about Dell’s IT and Cyber Security Solutions | Dell USA here.


This is the first in a three-part series on breakthrough security:


Part 2: Breakthrough Security—Help your customers fortify their security strategy with modern solutions


Part 3: Breakthrough Security— Implementing a security strategy that works for you and your customer


1 Hype Cycle for Edge Computing, Gartner, August 2019.

2 Cybersecurity Ventures article 

3 Source: www.delltechnologies.com/gdpi

4 Earn 3x revenue accelerator on Dell Data Protection Solutions toward Program Year Tier revenue requirements. 



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