Today, the way we work and where we work continues to evolve at a breakneck pace. And while remote work is not a new concept, it is becoming more and more pervasive. People in a wide range of roles and organizations are now operating remotely— by some estimates about 40 percent of them. 

Where people work in the future will become even more fluid, as enterprises seek to build on the advantages of enabling remote work, most notably enhanced innovation, increased productivity, and lower costs. In just three years from now some analysts predict that remote work will become even more commonplace, with up to 50 percent of employees working away from the office.

One of the best ways in which enterprises intend on reaping these benefits is to adopt a well-conceived VDI strategy. This is mainly because VDI solutions are designed to support collaboration, maintain security, and provide multiple ways for users to access compute and storage resources. For solution providers this provides an outstanding opportunity to help their customers design and implement a successful VDI strategy.  

Dell Technologies is committed to helping partners in assisting their customers in successfully adapting to the new normal, with solutions that deliver high-quality user experiences and simplify how to deliver, protect, and manage VDI.

Adopting or expanding VDI requires a commitment to ongoing digital transformation 

Here are three key areas where solution providers can accelerate value:

Enhance customer user, data, application, and endpoint security - Empowering customer remote workforces means placing more devices and data out of direct IT control, increasing their vulnerability to data theft and cyberattacks. Dell Technologies solutions for VDI help them maintain security without sacrificing productivity. By centrally storing data and applications in the data center, users can remain productive while data and applications stay safely behind the corporate firewall.

Deliver high-performance user experiences - Users have high expectations for performance and availability no matter where they’re working. IT is challenged to make sure resources match increasing demands for fast delivery, predictable scale, and high performance. VDI solutions require the ability to scale up and down according to demand. Dell Technologies VDI solutions deliver desktop-like performance in a reliable environment, reducing downtime and enabling anytime, anywhere digital workplaces. Support for NVIDIA® GPUs enables IT to provide beyond workstation-level performance for graphics-intensive workloads for power users wherever they are.

Streamline IT resources and improve productivity - Workforce productivity increases when employees can securely access their desktops and applications from their preferred devices at the times and places they choose to work. Dell Technologies solutions for VDI enable IT to dynamically allocate resources to respond faster to users and business demands so workers can access the resources and tools they need – when they need them. Plus, IT can centrally manage the virtual desktop from the data center and save time and money by troubleshooting personal computers remotely instead of physically visiting each one. Wherever a virtual desktop is deployed, it is up to date and patched while also appropriately configured to secure resources.

Dell partners can complete their VDI solution with Dell thin clients

Purpose-built for VDI environments to provide optimum security and performance, Dell thin clients integrate easily into any virtualized or web-based infrastructure and deliver a high-quality computing experience.

Dell thin and zero clients maximize security and optimize management and efficiency by centralizing data, applications, and resources. Designed to deliver flexible access to virtual desktops and virtualized applications, Dell thin clients provide instant functionality and performance to meet the demands of processing-intensive applications. 

Delivering premier desktop security, manageability and reliability, Dell thin and zero clients are tested and validated to work with Citrix, Microsoft and VMware and allow increased productivity with a broad range of highly secure endpoints designed for both stationary and mobile users, from task workers to the most demanding power users.

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Stay tuned for Part 2 of this 3-part series: Protecting distributed data and devices

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