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Important Trends, Perspectives and Analysis for Solution Providers and Integrators

Part 2: Four things you can help your customers get right to help build their breakthrough

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Technology has long defined the human experience. Now, as we stand at the threshold of the next great leap forward, technology is proving to be increasingly essential to every company’s success. To this point, the speed with which technology is improving has placed an increased amount of pressure for the modern enterprise to update their infrastructure, lest they be left behind. 

This provides a unique opportunity for today’s solution provider to show customers how they can be an essential partner for all their technology needs. This can be achieved by expanding one’s offering with a customer-centric journey that delivers dedicated expertise, insights, and the ongoing support customers need to adapt and grow their businesses by building breakthrough value.

Four things to get right to build a breakthrough

The following are four things you can advise your customers to get right to help them with building their breakthrough:

1. Cloud and Infrastructure | Multi-Cloud on their terms

Key areas to focus on:

Building a multi-cloud infrastructure

Driving the integration of autonomous operations

Embracing as-a-Service solutions

2. People | Embrace the future of work

Key areas to focus on: 

Accelerating the adoption of the hybrid work environment

Protecting distributed data and devices

Enabling intelligent user experiences

3. Data and Applications | Innovate with Data Anywhere

Key areas to focus on:

Preparing for data at the edge

Learning how to turn data into actionable intelligence

Embracing -- and acting on -- intelligence everywhere

4. Security | Fortify with Modern Security

Key areas to focus on:

Implementing multiple layers of protection for data and systems

Enhancing cyber resiliency strategies

Overcoming security complexity to improve overall engagement

A partner that can help your customer build breakthrough value

In a hyper-distributed, increasingly tech-reliant world, building your customer’s next breakthrough requires a partner that can enable your customers to innovate from anywhere. This is where Dell Technologies comes in. From factory floor to trading floor, Dell Technologies brings together the technologies, data, and collaboration to help serve your customers – and your business – in amazing new ways. 

Dell does this by investing in the growing markets of tomorrow with a cutting-edge products and services portfolio designed to drive demand and support customers with solving their needs. 

With end-to-end intelligent solutions, Dell can help you set your customers up to accelerate innovation simply, securely, and responsibly in the four areas discussed above, thereby establishing a true, competitive breakthrough.

In part 3 of the series, we'll look at the kind of conversations that you can have with your customers on these action items to help build the breakthrough value needed to adapt and grow their business.

Read Part 1 of the series: How to create breakthrough value for your customers and your business

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