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Research Review | IT Salaries in 2023: Trends, Roles & Locations

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Technology professionals have an extremely bright outlook for the future with respect to earning a significantly higher wage than peers in other industries. Therefore, having the comprehension of the current IT salary market dynamics and trends will help technology pros maximize career opportunities accordingly. The blog that follows does an excellent job of encompassing and presenting the data, and subsequent analysis in this regard. 

IT roles have never been more in demand and IT salaries have never been higher, according to recent reports and data sources. Whether you are hiring, looking for a career change, or simply work in tech, it’s important to stay up to date on the state of employment in the industry. This blog post will review, roundup and summarize some of the latest trends for IT salaries and demand by role and location (among other variables) to help you get a clear view of the landscape.

IT Salary Trends Overview

Across roles and titles, IT jobs have been growing in recent years and are expected to continue to grow. One recent study from the US Government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics found a growing demand for many IT professionals. From 2019 to 2029...

Software developers along with software quality assurance analysts and testers, should see growth of 21% to 26%.

Information security analyst roles are expected to grow nearly 40%.

The BLS reports that Software Developers, Database Architects, and Computer/Information Research Scientists are currently some of the hottest job titles with highest salaries. According to the BLS, for 2021 the average salary for an IT professional was $99,860. Considering wages are rising in 2022, it’s reasonable to conclude that IT professionals are now earning more than $100k/yr on average.

In fact, the 2022 Dice Tech Salary Report suggests that the 2021 Average Tech Salary was around $104,566 (a 6.9% increase YoY compared with the prior year’s report). Of course, that doesn't really equate to what people in C-Level roles, like Chief Information Security Officers, might earn in a year.

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